Warner Newman tackles domestic abuse head-on as his gripping debut single raises awareness and funds for national charity, Women's Aid. Hitting VEVO's homepage alongside Lady Gaga as 'most liked' on the day of his video release, this track is surely one to watch.



Domestic abuse - it's the silent killer, something that many of us live with as a part of our everyday lives, enduring, suffering, but never speaking out. Often we feel it's our fault or that the problem will go away in time, but domestic abuse doesn't just fizzle out, it bubbles and erupts.

Trust me, I know, because I've been there. I grew up on a staple diet of domestic abuse from a really young age. I survived. I was one of the lucky ones. Others aren't so fortunate. Now I'm using the power of my song and a partnership with Women's Aid UK to make a difference. I hope that my new single 'Runaway' will be a voice in the dark to those who need help. With this track I'm delivering a stark, poignant message to us all - domestic abuse wrecks lives for generation upon generation… We need to stop it and speak out now.

'Runaway' is a biographical reflection of my life; a mirror image of my childhood, but through the eyes of a third-person. The man I am today, walks in the shoes of the child I used to be, and I've carefully chosen cutting lyrics to pour out the heart-wrenching truth of domestic violence through a young boy's eyes. Those who've heard 'Runaway' are dubbing it as an urban-pop masterpiece, with Record of the Day saying: ''Runaway' has echoes of 'See You Again' by Charlie Puth and Wiz Khalifa. Gritty vocals juxtaposed with the hopeful female chorus hook create a stunning song that'll stay with you long after its first play.'

For me it was all about creating catchy, melodic hooks which wrap and weave their way around my all-too-truthful lyrics, slicing open a hidden part of life that far too many women are experiencing. A collaboration with Brian Paturalski (Outkast, Aerosmith, 50 Cent, Britney Spears) and mastered in New York at Sterling Sound Studios. 'Runaway' delivers a clear-cut slice of real life in a melodic nutshell. Easy to listen to melody, hard to swallow message. But that's what I'm all about.

Every nine seconds, a woman experiences abuse from her partner in the United States, with a quarter of women worldwide subject to domestic violence - statistics which Warner Newman is all too familiar with. A victim of domestic violence myself, I spent my entire childhood fighting for my life, watching my mum being abused by her partner, whilst I constantly dodged the beatings and abuse, with physical scars an outer token of the times I didn't manage to get away. When my step-father reached for a gun and aimed it at me when I was in my early teens, I knew it was time to run - and I've never gone back. I'm the one that got away, the one who lived to fight another day and now, I channel my passion for music to expose the horror behind domestic violence in a desperate attempt to make a change for others.

Music is my church, my God, my best friend… It made me want to make a go of life. It was the one thing that made me strong again. I just hope that by delivering my message through a highly commercial pop song, it'll help others to digest the message that there is help out there, and there's often a need to 'Runaway' from the situation that you're in. But don't just run hopelessly, there's help out there for you. That's why I've linked with Women's Aid on this single, the UK charity that's there to support all victims of domestic abuse, be they men, women or children. The charity is dedicated to ensuring that all women and children are safe and survivors' needs are listened to. 'Runaway' aims to bring the issue of domestic violence into the media spotlight as a way of making the much-needed change to stop the violence.

The single 'Runaway' is released on October 28 on Lukey Boy Record via A.W.A.L/Kobalt.

For more information on Women's Aid, visit www.womensaid.org.uk

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