James King
James King

When did you realise that the music industry was one you wanted to work in?

Although I started music when I was eight years old, I realised I wanted to be in the music industry and be a musician as a job, when I was 15-16. It was the feeling of sheer immortality when on stage, that made me love what I do. I can't think of any feeling better than that.

What is it about music that you love and pushed you in this direction?

The thing I love about music is you can reach out to thousands of people emotionally . On the other hand what pushed me in the direction I'm currently following, was two things. The first was that I enjoy any situation where I get to play music and that is by far my favourite part of this job. The next was a chance meeting that led me to where I am now. I met my manager at the first gig I played in London and since then we basically have had a crazy roller coaster ride that has led us to where we are now.

How important is it for you to maintain creative control over the work you produce?

If I had only one aim that spurs me on it would be to write and sing as much of my own material as possible. Song writing is the thing I take most pride in.

You've recently toured 50 European schools to talk to students about environmental issues - how was that whole experience?

Being able to go all around the country, inspiring the next generation and the teachers that teach them- is not only is massive honour but a massive challenge, a challenge that I feel more than happy to take on talking about environmental issues.

The first few gigs were so very new to being new to the scene, but as I got into the connection between the audience and myself became visibly stronger.

It was a very interesting look into the life of a touring musician. The early mornings, the long hours of travelling and the staying in random hotels were probably the most fun things about touring, it really immerses you into the touring experience and makes it real.

This was part of your role as the official spokesman for Eco Schools and Keep Britain Tidy - what can you tell us about that?

I love my role in both organisations, it kind of like being a monarchies champion. Everything you do is for an aligned cause. It's great to be around such interesting people who have given their time for the greater good in many aspects. I personally would say that it makes me feel really good about myself, knowing I'm doing something not just for myself but for a multitude of generations and how they approach and think about the environmental issues at hand.

Your latest song is an adaptation 'Breathe', and is inspired by the devastation caused in the Amazon rainforest - what does this song mean to you?

I love what the song does and stands for. It stands as a strong wake up call for people to stop looking the other way. The song to me says "Wise up, know about the world you live in and what is happening within it."

Hearing this song development from the early stages and how is has come on, is a perfect metaphor for how I want to see the campaign go. At first the small changes seem so drastic and new but in time you realise that those changes are for the better and that they become easier as they are practiced more and more.

'Breathe' has seen success in Australia and Russia, the latter of which you had a 10-date tour in, what have been some of your biggest highlights in your career to-date?

There are many highlights in my music career . The top three would probably go like this:

I have met so many amazing people along the way. From artists with such amazingly wide vision - to charity workers and teachers with such drive and who are welcoming to the changes that need to be made.

The amazing places I've been able to see and visit. Most of these places to someone else could be rather underwhelming but to me and my memory they are some of the wonderful experiences I've had for example I have stood and played at a place where the likes of Jimmy Hendrix and Bob Dylan have stood and played!

Another highlight for me personally would be to enjoy the company of people who enjoy my music and admire Campaign Breathe. They are always so welcoming and make the struggle worth it. 

We have Earth Hour coming up later this month - how can people get involved with this campaign?

The ways they can support what the Breathe campaign and I are doing, would be to take to any social media platform they have and show their friends how they can be part of this too. ., if they would like to find out what they are they can check the website: breathecampaign.co.uk. They could also buy the song Breathe which is our anthem of change to this amazing campaign

Finally what should we expect from you in the coming weeks and months?

The launch of both the song and video will be backed by a variety of concerts that I will be playing in Yorkshire and London schools.

The main aim of all of what we are doing is to get as many people as possible to back our campaign, and really feel like they are part of something that changes the way we live. This is such a mighty cause and cannot be achieved unless we all come together as one to help each other change for the better. 

I will also be releasing an E.P in the next couple of months.

James King's debut single 'Breathe' is out on March 30th

Visit: http://jameskingmusic.net

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