Howard Donald To Wed?.... Take That star Howard Donald and his girlfriend Marie-Christine Musswessels are reportedly expecting their second child, and planning to wed.The Back For Good singer and his German student partner - who are already parents to two-year-old Lola - are making plans for a new addition to their household.According to German newspaper Bild, Donald's girlfriend is four months pregnant and has "to wear really loose clothes" - and the pair are keen to tie the knot before the birth.The pair met several years ago while he was DJing in her hometown Muenster.Donald also has a seven-year-old daughter called Grace from a previous relationship.

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  1. by Becky 18th Jan 2008 20:47

    This saddens me however I am happy for them, I'm sure Howard is a great dad and a great husband, congrats.

  2. by lilpixie 24th Jan 2008 19:41

    Great news if true.
    good luck Howard & Marie!!xx

  3. by Howard Donald's bigest fan EVA!!!! 28th Jan 2008 15:16

    oh Howard!!!!!
    i luv Howard so so so so much!!!!!
    he nd Marie make a luvly couple they shoud get married!!!!!!

  4. by The Other Mrs Donald 05th Feb 2008 20:40

    Although very jealous!, I'm really happy for you both All the very best.xxxxxxxxxxx

  5. by Nan 10th Feb 2008 14:53

    But ... From when is this new?

  6. by zurinina 13th Feb 2008 19:03

    Please be aware that this is news from last year already and was not true. Sorry

  7. by Steff 15th Feb 2008 10:23

    the article is dated the 26th may 2007...

  8. by Samantha Donald 04th Mar 2008 11:28

    I'm Howard's sister, don't believe everything you read because this isn't true

  9. by sarah 15th Mar 2008 05:15

    Howard has a sister?

  10. by lola 18th Mar 2008 19:50


  11. by Rhii<3Howard=D 19th Mar 2008 13:40

    Awwhhhhr Cuuuute Bless Him Hes Kind And Charming..All The Luck Too Them Both=D

  12. by spanishchica 08th Apr 2008 13:08

    Will the Lot of you's cop on the articule is from last year 10 months ago!!! And very obvously she aint had no baby!! or gotten married...

  13. by Claire Frier 19th Jun 2008 12:28

    If Howard and and his girlfriend are expecting there second child together,I'd like to congratulations

  14. by Claire Frier 19th Jun 2008 15:07

    I have just read the news about Howard and Christine and although it breaks my heart,I am happy for both of them.

  15. by sally 06th Sep 2008 17:55

    Congratulations!!! What have you takethat boys been on!!!lol!!

  16. by charisse 16th Sep 2008 21:14

    congratulations to you both! Howard, Marie is a very lucky lady to have you. All the best for the future x

  17. by Catherine Mckay 25th Jun 2009 15:27

    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!! he cant get married, Thats keft me with a broken heart :-(