Charli XCX recently wrote an album in a day - but doesn't think it will ever be released.

Charli XCX

Charli XCX

The pop beauty took to Twitter to share with her 1.9 million followers that she invited music producer AG Cook - who is currently serving as Charli's Creative Director - into the studio on Saturday (13.05.17) to bash out nine tracks.

However, she doesn't think they will ever make it into fans hands.

Sharing her text messages with the 26-year-old PC Music record label owner - whose real name is Alex Cook - she wrote: "i'm gonna make an album in a day 2morrow w @agcook404 just for fun and it will probably never come out but it might be AMAZING who knows? (sic)"

Answering a question by Pop Justice, which read: "Well it's 8pm so this album is probably now nearing completion (sic)"

The busty brunette unveiled the full track-list of the record.

She replied: "this was yesterday. 9 songs. 20 steps/party party/in my arms/happy now/dreams/7 days/everything/I don't wanna know/I got it. (sic)"

Meanwhile, fans of the 'Boom Clap' singer may have to wait until next year to hear the much-awaited follow-up to 2014's 'Sucker'.

However, she plans on dropping new tunes in between.

She recently said: "I finished my album in the middle of last year and I'm probably not even going to release it until next year now, because I want to release a lot of other music before, that isn't totally linked to the album. For me personally, I don't think albums are the end goal anymore for musicians. Continuously releasing music really suits the way that I work as a songwriter and as an artist.

"I'm not going to touch the album until two months before it's going to come out, because if I started working on it again I would probably write another four albums. Maybe more. I just write so much that it becomes confusing. Of course, some of the stuff I write isn't good -- some of it is terrible and will never see the light of day -- and some of it is good, you know. I might do another mixtape before the album though."

Charli dropped the mixtape 'Number 1 Angel' in March.

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