Melanie Chisholm has admitted she's relieved she won't be part of the 2017 planned reunion for Spice Girls.

Mel C

Mel C

Despite saying it was a hard decision to turn the opportunity down when she got the call from Melanie Brown, Emma Bunton and Geri Horner, she's now glad that she won't be getting back on stage with the girls, despite remaining friendly with her former bandmates.

Speaking to the Sunday Post, Mel C explained: "Once it [the decision] was made, I felt very relieved and that proved to me that my instinct was right.

"I'd love to see the girls more and when we do have periods of being in each other's lives, it's lovely."

The comments come after Mel B told Australia's Daily Telegraph she was sick of talking about the Spice Girls reunion after all of the obstacles put in her path.

She said: "I wish there was something to say. I'm fed up with talking about it because until it is absolutely set in stone and everybody gets their arse in gear, there is nothing to say.

"If the girls said to me in January, 'We've booked five shows in the UK', I'd drop everything and be there."

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