Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa has sampled the theme music for hit Netflix original series Stranger Things in a new collaboration with fellow artist, J.R. Donato.

Titled 'Stranger Things', the song includes the Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein-composed theme, and you can listen to it in its entirety below:

The song was dropped just after three of the child actors from Stranger Things opened the 2016 Emmy Awards with their own unique rendition of Bruno Mars song, 'Uptown Funk'.

You can see pieces of THAT performance below:

Stranger Things has been renewed for a second season on Netflix, featuring nine new episodes and the return of co-creators Matt and Ross Duffy, alongside executive producer Dan Cohen.

Speaking to Yahoo!, Cohen said of the new episodes: "We'll be doing more than just a rehash of season one. We're coming back with a few new characters, expanding storylines and mythologies, so it'll feel like the stakes are raised and more is going on and really delivering on the promise and pushing for more."

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