During the 80s, Kid Creole was the zoot-suited ‘Tropical Gangster’, a Latino Cab Calloway mixing pop, p-funk, big band swing and Latin rhythms for a series of global chart smashes, from ‘Stool Pidgeon’ and ‘Annie, I’m Not Your Daddy’ to ‘Endicott’.

Under his real name, August Darnell, Kid Creole had developed his feel for unusual music fusions and intelligent, acerbic life stories since 1974 through a series of projects as a prolific writer, musician and producer. Starting as a key member of Dr. Buzzard’s Savannah Band alongside his brother, Stony Browder Jr. in 1974, Darnell then masterminded Machine’s disco anthem ‘There But For The Grace Of God’ before becoming the in-house producer for Ze Records in New York. There, he helped fashion the grungy Ze sound through Cristina’s trash disco debut album and groundbreaking genre-bending work for Aural Exciters, James Chance and more.

Taking the name from the Elvis Presley film, Darnell created Kid Creole in 1980 and alongside his three female singers, The Coconuts, led by his Wife Addy, and a band including Dr. Buzzard’s Coati Mundi, he began honing his alter ego. With today’s DJs consistently championing Darnell‘s early work, this exclusive Strut release covers 1974 to 1983 and features rare extended versions and album tracks released on CD for the first time. Compilation by DJ Guido of Paris DJs with extended sleeve notes by legendary New York journalist Vivien Goldman.1. Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band – Sunshower
2. Don Armando’s Second Avenue Rumba Band – Goin’ To A Showdown
3. Kid Creole & The Coconuts – Going Places (Zemix version)
4. Cristina – Is That All There Is?
5. Gichy Dan’s Beachwood No. 9 – On A Day Like Today
6. Machine – There But For The Grace Of God Go I (LP version)
7. Don Armando’s Second Avenue Rumba Band - I’m An Indian Too (12” version)
8. Aural Exciters – Marathon Runner
9. Coati Mundi – Pharaoh (Can’t Take It To The Grave)
10. Aural Exciters – Emile (Night Rate)
11. Kid Creole – He’s Not Such A Bad Guy After All (12” version)
12. Ron Rogers – Don’t Play With My Emotions
13. Kid Creole & The Coconuts – Double On Back
14. Aural Exciters – Paradise
15. Kid Creole & The Coconuts - Off The Coast Of Me
- August Darnell has been a cult favourite with many different DJs over the
last 10 years from leading names in disco (Danny Krivit, Muro, Dimitri, the
D.I.R.T.Y. crew) to DJs as diverse as Prins Thomas, Trevor Jackson and Derrick Carter.
- The album highlights Darnell's status as a seminal producer during his early years, his unique fusions and lyrics, not the more kitsch 'tropical gangster' image of the mid '80s. He is responsible for a number of anthems for underground clubs worldwide, particularly Machine's 'There But For The Grace Of God' and his work with Dr. Buzzard.

- Sleeve notes on the album will come courtesy of Vivien Goldman, one of the most acclaimed journalists writing around early '80s New York culture. - Darnell will be actively involved in promoting the album and is fully available for any phone or e-mail interviews + some in-person slots where possible. - Live, world-wide dates are planned throughout the year. More info to be announced. Kid Creole