Former B*witched stars Edele and Keavy Lynch have decided its time to stop letting their Boyzone brother have all the number one hits, and recorded a brand spanking new album.

The twins have been crooning about drugs and the Gulf War for their upcoming album under the new name, Barbarellas.

The pair's new album, Night Mode, is far more 'edgy' than B*witched happy Irish pop stuff, and focuses on sex, depression, drugs and motherhood. Sounds, um, brilliant.

Keavy told The Metro: "We had a friend in the Gulf war and there is a song about that and then a song about how drugs can disturb people's lives. It's a bit of a diary, to be honest, of what we've been through and seen."

One of the tracks features the heartbeat of Edele's 9-month-old son and Keavy explained: "Before we did a gig, Edele got a bit of a fright. She said, 'I don't know what's going on. I'm having a bit of a funny turn'. We went via the hospital and I recorded the heartbeat on my phone."

Is anyone excited?

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