Johnny Daukes - Wonder

Johnny Daukes - Wonder

Artist: Johnny Daukes

Album: Wonder


Rating: 4/5

Johnny Daukes is back this week with his six song collection Wonder - which is a companion to the film of the same name.

Wonder is the opening track on the album and Daukes deep vocals immediately grab the listener as well as create an atmosphere.

The instrumentation on this track is at the bare minimum and while the acoustic guitar and the cello are present they really do take a back seat.

The chorus sees the backing vocals kick in and it gives the track just that extra layer - the mix of male and female voices really do work well.

Wonder is a fantastically emotive track that has a lot of power despite its minimalist feel - it creates such an atmosphere that it will stay with you long after the track has finished.

Looking Under Everything follows in the minimalist footsteps of the opening track but there is more in the way of lyrics on the second track.

There is also a heavier production on this track and yet it is Daukes’ vocals that continue to hold your attention.

Blood & Rust is a track that really does tell a story and once again it is stripped back in terms of the instrumentation used - the delicate guitars really do sound fantastic.

But into the second half of the track the pace picks up and the instrumentation really kicks in to give the track an incredibly different feel.

Daukes is a fascinating musician and he delivered a collection of tracks that really a beautiful and moving accompaniment to his short film.

Fool perhaps has more of a pop feel to it while the Man Who Cannot See is a track that is once again driven by the guitar.

The album is closed out by Until Tomorrow Comes and it is one of the most uplifting tracks on this six song album.

Every track creates a very different atmosphere while Daukes’ deep and rich vocals really a re captivating from start to finish.

The minimalist feel to this record really does work well as Daukes shows that you can create a powerful and engaging collection of tracks without having to go down a heavily produced route.

Johnny Daukes - Wonder is out now

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