Katzenjammer - A Kiss Before You Go

Katzenjammer - A Kiss Before You Go

Artist: Katzenjammer

Album: A Kiss Before You Go

Label: Propeller Records


Rating: 3.5/5

Katzenjammer are back this week with their second album a Kiss Before You Go, which comes hot of the heels of Le Pop.

There is not doubt that this is a fun album as A Kiss Before You Go is packed with upbeat and energetic tracks from start to finish.

The Norwegian four piece do mix folk, pop and gypsy elements throughout and this is evident in the opening track I Will Dance (When I Walk Away) as country and pop get mashed together.

There is some great instrumentation on the track that is supported by light but great vocals and some great acoustic hooks.

The Balkan influences really come through on songs such as Soviet Trumpeter which is more of a ballad. There is a mix of really evocative strings and trumpets that give the track quite a haunting feel.

Gypsy Flee is another track that is influenced by where they are from as this is a pop folk track that is fast paced and memorable.

Rock-Paper-Scissors is one of the most radio friendly tracks on the record, and one of my favourite tracks, as this is a fiddle driven jig.

Katzenjammer have delivered great vocals throughout the record and they have chosen to support most of those vocals with great instrument arrangements rather than relying on a heavily produced backing track.

The instrumentation works fantastically throughout and it really does give an almost theatrical feel to the album.

From start to finish A Kiss Before You Go is an eclectic album that sees the band show off their many musical sides. 

The band has put together a collection of twelve upbeat and memorable tracks that will sound great live.

Katzenjammer - A Kiss Before You Go is out now

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