Capital Letters - 'Reality'

Capital Letters - 'Reality'

If you're looking for classic reggae, look no further as Capital Letters bring together a collection of tracks that follow the genre perfectly, sticking to the magic formula that was created when they originally formed back in 1971, as one of the UK's first reggae bands.

That being said, there isn't an obvious pushing of the boundaries here - but when it comes to this type of style and rhythm, does it really need to be?

You've come to the right place for both dance-laced tunes and soothing melodic beats - common in the genre - and both have a place throughout this record.

All in all the 14 songs will have you smiling if you've been a fan, and are the perfect homage to a band the UK should be proud of.

'Reality' will be released February 10 as a 14 track CD, limited edition vinyl and digital download.

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