Jonathan & Charlotte

Jonathan & Charlotte

After being catapulted into the spotlight following their run on ITV's 'Britain's Got Talent', the extremely talented duo of Jonathan and Charlotte are set to release their second studio album 'Perhaps Love'.

With 13 haunting tracks that see the artists perform both as a duo and solo, the bond that they share is one you can feel and relate to throughout.

They are at their best when they're side by side, blending their tender yet powerful voices to create something truly magical.

It's hard to describe such talent. The two sound as if they should sing the soundtrack for a major Disney motion picture.

'Endless Love' is one of the best, with strong vocals that shouldn't leave a dry eye in the house.

'Perhaps Love' is released October 14.

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  1. by Sally Anne Adams 09th Oct 2013 14:25

    I love the album and feel privileged to have got it already I love all the songs but Endless Love does stand out but then so do the solos and you got the love if I'm honest I just simply love the album and love these two young talented artists long may we enjoy their beautiful voices

  2. by janehyatt 09th Oct 2013 15:06

    This Album can be a No1 seller there are tracks on that CD that would get to the top of the charts as singles too. What an amazing Duo. You must see them live if you ever get the chance.

  3. by Sue Winspear 09th Oct 2013 15:21

    I haven't received my cd yet, but having heard them sing some of the songs live, I just know it will be absolutely fantastic!

  4. by Bea 09th Oct 2013 15:23

    I also have this wonderful album; 'Angel' is a favourite, but I agree with you about 'Endless Love'. They have had such a great year with lots of personal development which is demonstrated on this album with their solos. Charlotte loves musicals chr(38) her 'Wishing You Were...', is so beautiful chr(38) emotional. It is a joy to see Jonathan sing 'O Sole Mio' chr(38) he version of 'Va Pensiero' is incredible, his voice is a gift; he was born to sing this genre!
    This is a gorgeous photo of this lovely duo that I would also like to share :)

  5. by Tere Ruìz 09th Oct 2013 19:37

    Their voices are simply out of this world !