He may not have money on his mind, but Sam Smith should be raking it in if the quality of his debut solo album is anything to go by.

Velvety heartfelt vocals are laid over highly emotional yet simple backing tracks, and though this record has an unbalance of ballads when compared to more upbeat tracks on offer, that's not a bad thing.

Sam plays to his strengths and proves why he's stolen the hearts of the nation and scored a host of fans not only in the UK, but over the globe following successful performances on shows including Saturday Night Live.

'In The Lonely Hour' is a painful listen, but for all the right reasons. It will resonate with that hole or pit in your stomach you've more than likely experienced at moments of loneliness throughout your life. Sam captures that pain in his voice and screams - without screaming - his past worries and upsets.

There's never a moment that you worry Sam won't hit the high notes and it's refreshing to have such a talent go through an entire record without any hint of voice manipulation or 'autotune' for the simple fact it isn't needed.

Katy Perry has described him as the male answer to Adele, and she could be right. This is a strong contender for one of the records of 2014, and could only be bettered with a couple more 'Money On My Mind'-esque higher tempo bops.

Sam Smith's 'In The Lonely Hour' is out now.

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