(Above) Ayala

(Above) Ayala

Influenced from a very young age by jazz and classical music, Ayala’s delicate songs demonstrate a penchant for sensual choruses and bright, effortless melodies; Ayala infuses her music with hints of elegance. 

Ayala is set to release her first album Step Into My Song in early 2014 but for now we can enjoy the highly addictive, finger-tapping summer hit The Sun Has Come.

The Sun Has Come is a mixture of Pop, Groove and Indie. A concoction of a happy melody, indulgent lyrics and quirky vocals - it is perfect to listen to throughout the summer season. 

It could not be a better time for this beautiful talent to make her shining debut, her light-hearted music is guaranteed to turn heads. Ayala’s star is on the rise, and to quote the artist herself, ‘These songs are ready to fly. ‘

The Sun Has Come is available from the 2nd of September but you can listen to it on Soundcloud now. 

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