A poll by Europe's number one online printing specialists Albelli has revealed the photo habits of Brits.

Summer is officially over and many Brits are left daydreaming about their adventures abroad. Britons love taking pictures on the their holidays but nearly half of Brits are placing their holiday photos on hard drives and never looking at them again.

The key findings of the poll show that over seven million holiday snaps are wasted each year and 59% of 18-24 year olds are taking 'meaningless' photos then uploading them onto their computer's hard drive. Also, half of Brits admitted to taking ten photos a day on their holiday and 45% of Brits will only look back on their digital photos every six months.

The poll, which surveyed 2,000 people, also revealed Briton's photo habits regarding their pets. The results show that 18% of Brits print out photos of their pets and display them in their home. A third of Brits admit to taking five photos of their pets a week, in comparison to the 19% and 22% they take of parents and friends.

These results suggest that Brits are more interested in framing pictures of their animals rather than their summer holiday memories with friends and family. Briton's 'photo-addiction' means that one in five felt like they lived behind a camera whilst on holiday, rather than just being 'in the moment' due to the vast amount of pictures they took.

The people in the poll were also asked the question, how would you recapture your holiday feelings once you return home? Over half of Brits stated that looking back on printed photographs made them positively nostalgic and 60% say it is a shame photographs sit on laptops and phones to never be seen again. 55% admit they get more pleasure from printed photographs because there is something about them that a digital image can never replace. Also, 47% of those polled said they worry about losing their digital photographs if anything happened to their devices.

Keith Hanson, General Manager of Albelli UK said "As a society, we are obsessed with taking photos, particularly when we go on holiday. While Brits spend a lot of their time behind the camera taking photos, it's such a shame they are not celebrating the end result by looking back over them and recounting those special memories and happy times."

"We would like to encourage people to value the photos and memories they have created this summer by printing them out or creating photo books or so that they can be experienced and enjoyed every day." 

To mark the end of summer and encourage people to cherish their summer memories, Albelli are offering £15 off photo books. For more information on Albelli, visit their website.

Brits take too many pictures and fail to 'live in the moment'

Brits take too many pictures and fail to 'live in the moment'

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