Christmas presents

Christmas presents

Honey they shrunk the presents – that’s what many mums and dads will be thinking this year as new research reveals gifts under the family tree will be smaller than ever as more and more people opt for mini gadgets.

Large presents, left under the family Christmas tree, have excited and intrigued children (not to mention adults) for generations. But according to new research released today by creative self-publishing platform Blurb, such a festive sight might well be on the wane.

Blurb surveyed 2,000 adults in the UK and found that two in five have noticed the average physical size of the gifts they buy for friends and family at Christmas are getting smaller year-on-year and 39 per cent admit to buying presents that are smaller than those they bought 10 years ago.

But the fact that most of us plan to give a book for Christmas this year proves that however tech-savvy we are, we’re traditionalists at heart.

Fuelling the trend in shrinking Christmas presents is the nation’s love affair with electronic gadgets and digital content – from handheld computer consoles and Ebooks to digital music players and mini tablet PCs.  Nearly nine in ten of us intend to give at least one digital or small electronic gift this year.

The same research also found that larger presents, such as bikes and train and Scalextric sets are far less popular gifts this year.

But before children (and the young at heart) start weeping at the thought of smaller presents, the research showed that their value is getting higher, with 52 per cent of parents splashing out up to £140 on each of their kids this Christmas.

Blurb has itself seen a huge growth in demand this Christmas from customers wishing to create their own small stocking-filler books, such as those featuring their favourite images from Instagram or Facebook. And Ebooks for the iPad are also proving popular.

Teresa Pereira, Director of Blurb UK, said: “Whilst it might be disheartening to see a smaller pile of presents in front of the family Christmas tree, our research shows that we’ve become a nation of technophiles so it’s not surprising that smaller electronic gifts like iPads and ebook readers are high up our Christmas wish lists.

“But the fact that most of us plan to give a book for Christmas this year proves that however tech-savvy we are, we’re traditionalists at heart.

“At Blurb we encourage everyone to create their own personal books to give as gifts. Whether you want to show off your culinary flair by gathering your favourite recipes or celebrate 2012’s best moments in a photo book, Blurb enables you to create unique gifts that can be shared with family and friends. You can even create ebooks for the iPad if you’ve left your Christmas shopping to the last minute,” she said.

Top electronic gifts for Christmas according to Blurb’s research:

Ebook reader such as a Kindle (13.8%)
Mobile phone (13.2%)
Digital music player (12.8%)
Large tablet PC such as an Apple iPad (10.45%)
Small tablet PC such as an Apple iPad Mini (9.8%)
Handheld gaming device (8.3%)

Blurb’s research showed that popular smaller gifts this year include:

DVD /Book (42%)
Gift vouchers (35%)
Aftershave/perfume (33%)
CD (30%)
Jewellery (29%)

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