Simon cowell earns a small fortune talking!

Simon cowell earns a small fortune talking!

New research has revealed that some of the country's best known celebrities are earning a fortune by just talking, with some earning over £2,000 a minute.

The research, conducted by Tesco Mobile shows the incredible earning power of celebrities, with London hypnotist Paul McKenna coming top of the list, valuing his time at a whopping £2,458.

Other TV presenters raking in the pounds include X-Factor star Simon Cowell who charges up to £224.30 every minute he roasts another aspiring performer, and Strictly Come Dancing presenter, Tess Daly, who earns a respectable £133 each minute.

Not to be outdone by her English rivals, Welsh warbler Charlotte Church proves that she’s a mum that can still bring in the big bucks at a competitive £48.10 per minute- that’s £2,886 an hour.

TV presenters are unrivalled as the highest earning celebrities in the UK. But the talk-time rates vary broadly - men earn more than women and Paul McKenna who commands the highest talk-time fee per minute charges more than ten times the rate of Simon Cowell, the second most expensive celebrity talker.

As part of the research Tesco Mobile also examined how much those who talk for a living earn for a minute of conversation.

Voice over artists trumped even politicians, lawyers and doctors at £1.67 each minute for their talk-time. Life coaches are in second place earning a very decent £1.25 per minute, followed by non-celebrity DJs.

At the bottom of the professionals list are priests, charging only 5p per minute for talk-time- making for some very cheap sermons.

The most expensive British celebrity talkers are:

1.Paul McKenna (£2,458.00 per minute)

2.Simon Cowell (£224.30 per minute)

3.Tess Daly (£133.00 per minute)

4.Sir Trevor McDonald (£100.00 per minute)

5.Charlotte Church (£48.10 per minute)

6.Fern Britton (£22.50 per minute)

7/8. Tony Blair (£16.00 per minute)

7/8. Sir Alex Ferguson (£16.00 per minute)

9.Chris Moyles (£11.50 per minute)

10.Kirsty Gallacher (£6.60 per minute)