Running through the airport

Running through the airport

Why are Brits prone to airport rage?


The British travellers we polled said that customer service is the biggest trigger of air rage for them (11%). Overbearing security (8%), flight delays (6%) and lost luggage (3%) were also cited as reasons to make them see red.


What is it about airports that could encourage people to feel angry?


It could be any number of factors – the time of day (many of us opt for cheap flights early in the morning, for example), the journey to the airport, the security procedures, or simply the fact that a flight is often the start of an important trip, whether it be a holiday or a business meeting, or travel for family reasons. For customers who then feel like they have received poor customer service on top of all of that, it can make for a very stressful mix.


Why is bad customer service ranked the highest?


Customer service is a critical part of any service experience, and flying is no different. Our poll of British travellers found that it was the number one reason why they had suffered from ‘air rage’.


In what ways can airports reduce the amount of stress felt by British holiday makers?


Our poll results show that poor customer service is the biggest contributor to air rage, so that is the first thing that service operators can address. Listening to passenger concerns and responding to their needs as best as possible is the surest way to ensure air passengers have a positive experience.


Delays are understandably frustrating, so how can airports ensure that passengers are kept calm when this happens?


Giving people easy access to any information that will help make their flight easier is the key. Technology is a great means by which you can make this possible. For example, GateGuru is a mobile app which offers flyers an easy way to view detailed maps and insights on stores, restaurants, amenities and gate locations as well as weather forecasts, estimated security wait times and real-time flight status information at airports around the world. Apps like these can really help passengers enjoy a smoother journey.





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