Flight delays are every holiday maker’s nightmare. That dreaded moment as you wait in the airport and see the board now shows that your flight is going to be late, by minutes and often hours. Usually it is down to weather or a backlog of flights that has impacted yours, but in some cases not….

Refund me reveals the strangest reasons for flight delays:

  1. 1.    In 1982, a man now known as Lawnchair Larry blew up 45 helium balloons and attached them to his patio chair. He packed a pellet gun, sandwiches and beer and planned to shoot each balloon when he was due to land. When he reached 15,000 feet, he drifted in to Los Angeles International Airport airspace and caused many flight delays. When he was near his destination he shot some of his balloons and subsequently got caught in the electric cables in Long Beach, causing a 20 minute blackout. When he finally landed he was arrested.


  1. 2.    When he was waiting for his flight to board in Las Vegas, a man passed his time away on the slot machines and won $350,000. He no longer was bothered about the flight, understandably, so the airline had to search through everyone’s luggage to find his. The flight eventually took off while he stayed behind and celebrated his win.


  1. 3.    In July a swarm of bees invaded Charlotte Douglas International Airport, which resulted in a boarded plane not leaving for 3 hours. The airline staff scrambled about to find a bee keeper to sort out the situation. Once it was declared ‘bee free’ the flight went on as normal.


4.    A flight out of Calgary made a u turn, as two passengers got into a fight about how could use the arm rest. The cabin crew could not calm them down and so the pilot turned the plane around and dropped the quibbling pair off before resuming the flight.


  1. 5.    Passengers are not the only ones who cause problems as passengers on a flight to Washington DC from New York witnessed. The flight delay totalled at four hours as the attendants continued their argument after take-off. The pilot again had to turn around and drop the staff off at the gate to be replaced with some that could work together.


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