Praslin Island cafe, Seychelles

Praslin Island cafe, Seychelles

Home to some of the world’s most beautiful white, sandy beaches, spectacular coral islands and stunning landscapes, Seychelles is by far the ultimate honeymoon location in the Indian Ocean.

The group of 100+islands make up one of the most romantic places in the world to choose as a honeymoon destination. Floating on sparkling blue seas and surrounded by soft white sands, the Seychelles lies at the heart of the Indian Ocean, making for an ideal getaway to celebrate your marriage.

A honeymoon in the Seychelles offers something for every couple - relaxation, activities, and pure serenity, just what you need after the big ‘I do’ celebrations. There are a number of islands to choose from, as the Seychelles is broken into two parts; the Outer Seychelles and the Inner Seychelles.

The outer Seychelles are largely uninhabited and to reach them you will have to charter a private plane or yacht. The inner Seychelles is where you’ll find breath-taking beauty and a host of resorts to relax, unwind, and enjoy each other’s company. There are also plenty of activity options for adventurous couples.

Choose the island of Mahé, the largest and probably the busiest, yet less crowded choice, where you can find the popular white powder beach of Beau Vallon, the capital city Victoria and the Morne Seychellois National Park. There are also a number of luxurious spas and hotels to be found here.

Opt for the island of Praslin which has an exciting history, picturesque landscapes and the famous UNESCO World Heritage site Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve, where you will find a host of beautiful palm trees and exotic birds and wildlife. Earning itself the name ‘Garden of Eden’ this is an island with a great mix of relaxing resorts and a good selection of activities. 

The small but perfect island of La Digue has less resorts but more in the form of the best sandy beaches, gently weathered pink granite boulders and towering palm trees. The island’s main draw is the L’Anse Source D’Argent, one of the world’s top beaches. If it’s ultimate tranquillity and escape for reality that you want from your honeymoon then this is the place for just that.

Then there is Silhouette Island, one of the smallest populated islands in the Seychelles, with just one settlement, La Passe, and only about 150 permanent residents. The island has no man-made roads, and is preserved by dedicated conservation experts, who work to maintain the delicate ecosystem of over 2,000 protected species, including the endangered Aldabran giant tortoises. This is the perfect honeymoon spot for nature-lovers and explorers who want relaxation off the grid.

In terms of weather, spring time around April and May and autumn months October and November provide warm tropical climates and a great time to take your honeymoon. 

For more information download Kempinski Seychelles Resort’s useful guide on weddings and honeymoons in the Seychelles.

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  1. by The Owls Meow 21st Feb 2013 12:07

    Oh how i wish i was there right now

  2. by georgerobinson 27th Apr 2013 08:41

    Really it's a wonderful honeymoon spot.

  3. by laurelle 30th Jul 2013 08:18

    One of the best things about a Seychelles honeymoon is the depth of expertise that hotels in Seychelles offer to newlywed couples. From candle-lit dinners for two served up beachside to catamaran cruises in turquoise waters, or just a picnic lunch for two on a secluded, sun-washed beach, Seychelles offers up the perfect environment to celebrate love.

  4. by Brown 17th Jan 2014 08:00

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  5. by Christean 06th Dec 2014 04:31

    What you mentioned is really a good information. According to me I think Greece and Paris are the best places for honeymoon. I have been to Paris and let me tell you that Paris is such an amazing place to visit. There are a lot of beautiful and amazing places to see in Paris.

  6. by Brown 08th Dec 2014 10:27

    Well Christean, if Paris is an amazing destination to visit and has a variety of awesome places. Then tell me about some famous and most stunning sights of this city. I have a plan to go there in coming vacations with my family.