Ella Henderson

Ella Henderson

As Ella Henderson somehow finds herself no longer in The X Factor, has the time finally come for the reality show, after yet again Rylan found his way into the next round with ease.

This is the trouble with The X Factor. Over the last few years of the competition, the inclusion of comedy acts has simply diluted the show to the point of ridicule and made somewhat of a mockery of the entire format.

Rylan is not the sole example though of a novelty act going far too far. Jedward forced talented singers like Lucie Jones to be knocked out the competition back in 2009. Wagner forced Aiden Grimshaw out of the show the year after and Johnny Robinson progressed to week five of last year’s competition despite processing no singing ability and Frankie Cocozza had to be forcibly removed from the show.

Ella Henderson and James Arthur are both able to be recording artists right now. Both have the talent to really make a good stab at the charts. Rylan won’t be able to become a serious singer, someone whose album you would listen to over and over again and go and see live in concert.

As Gary Barlow said himself, the show has to out the ‘razz- ma-tazz’ on the back burner and get back to its singing competition roots. If they don’t do that, it’ll only just descend further into the bowels of karaoke singers and sequin jackets.

Ella Henderson will be fine though. She’s won enough friends in the industry to get another shot of the big time, is only 16 and is already writing her own songs. In a musical world where that type of musician is highly coveted, Ella won’t find herself on the ground for too long.

That isn’t the point though. The judges made the point time and again in the results show that this should have been the final.

That one of the two genuinely talented and listenable singers on the show found themselves in the bottom two is bad enough, but that both of them were forced to sing for their lives and force the judges’ hands was just appalling.

The judges are not blameless either. They elected to bring through these sub-par acts and molly coddle them through each live show, constantly claiming that it’s an ‘entertainment contest’. No, it’s not, that’s Britain’s Got Talent, where the cheesy magic, dog shows and choirs live.

If The X Factor is going to survive, then it needs to regroup and come back smaller, simper and richer in talent. They need to make this before the audience and the music industry itself turns its back completely on the competition.

FemaleFirst Cameron Smith.

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  1. by chrissy 19th Nov 2012 11:56

    couldn't agree more,this was the reason i didn't watch it, got hooked on the good singers this year tho, James and Ella particularly. Tulisa screams and shouts now, but she voted to keep Rylan in the x factor !

  2. by Simon Jones 19th Nov 2012 12:34

    This is when the likes of Nicole and the stupid approach to Rylan comes back and bites not only her but goes on to ruin the shows reputation, no wonder Simon Cowell headed across the pond. Look at his team over there Britney quite current, Demi again current, LA Reid music guru and Cowell himself . What do we have Gary Barlow music guru, Tulisa out of touch musician, Louis - he should retire, and Nicole - look at me I am the star of the show Scherzinger really!

  3. by Lynne Bradshaw 19th Nov 2012 12:54

    The show is now anything but a talent show. The judges time and time again say that this is to find a recording artist and both Ella and James are worthy of this. If Nichole thinks that Ryland is suitable as a recording artist then she should not be deemed to have the suitable qualifications of being a judge. I hope now that Ryland goes on to win and then the record producers will
    have to waste 1 million pounds on him, maybe this will stop ridiculous acts being put through again by the judges in the future. The true talent will not lose out as a record company will snatch them up regardless.

  4. by Paula 19th Nov 2012 12:58

    they need to get rid of Louis (past it) Tulisa and Nicole (foul mouthed)
    cant understand why Cheryl and Danii got axed from the show.
    I think its too late for X Factor now last two years have been rotten losing decent acts to comedians.
    Rylan is the worst vocalist every single week and due to big names pleading the public to vote for him, he has turned this show into a farce. We've had Wagner and Jedward for god's sake we don't need Rylan . X Factor started out a show for singing talent. It has turned into a circus! Gary is the only honest judge on the show whether Simon likes that or not that's the case. I have actually stopped watching the USA Show as well.
    IF Louis, Tulisa and Nicole hadn't been so nasty towards Christopher from week one he probably wouldn't have had so many members of the public feeling sorry for him, myself included, They really know how to knock someone's confidence that's not what they should be doing they should be encouraging the best out of people.

  5. by Alan 19th Nov 2012 12:59

    Well written article. I wont be watching remainder of X factor but will watch out for Ella to take charts and music scene by storm. I thought judges were supposed to be impartial and not say who they wanted to win Mr Barlow??

  6. by Sophie Fletcher 19th Nov 2012 13:20

    The whole aim of the X Factor is to find the next big recording artist and both Ella and James would be incredible with recording songs, neither of them deserved to be in the bottom two. I also found it hard to compare them, as they both take their own spin on the music they're given and it's completley different. If anything, Rylan and Christopher should have been in the bottom two - they gave the weakest performances Saturday night, however, it has to be said that I don't think Christopher or Rylan should be recieving death threats because they're through and Ella left - the public are the ones that decide, not them!!!!!!

  7. by Lewis 19th Nov 2012 13:53

    Lost its way or taking the scenic route perhaps? X Factor may advertise itself as a singing competition but ultimately, let's get real, this is about ratings and advertising revenue. It's also about nurturing the brand by creating dramatic moments that will fuel the public's thirst for a good gossip about its favourite topic - heroic failure. We Brits are good at that. It's marginally about showcasing artists and preparing 10 acts for a lucrative roadshow. True talent will rise to the surface so don't feel too sorry for Ella. Let's also not underestimate the public's appetite for novelty acts and those artists whose minimal talent inspires pity and at the same time gives us hope that anyone can succeed. Who benefits from the media frenzy over what appears to be a travesty of justice? X Factor shareholders and advertisers maybe? This drama will feed the tabloids and gossip columns for weeks. And Tulisa, don't tell us that it's our fault because we didn't pick up the phone for Ella and James. The conspiracy theorist in me could be forgiven for thinking this whole thing was staged to allow X Factor judges to make a point about a complacent audience and falling ratings. X Factor has not lost its way, it knows precisely where it's heading, and it wants as many of us along for the ride as possible.

  8. by CHRIS 19th Nov 2012 14:28

    Am i watching a different show to the rest of the country???? how can Rylan and Christopher get through and Ella and James end up in the bottom two, after the show i switched off the tv and vowed never to watch the show!!! again, it`s a farce

  9. by malcolm 19th Nov 2012 16:12

    Totally agree with the above comments, but lets think about it Rylan is not a singer and will not sell records he is only good for panto, so look at past X factor shows over the years the so called singers who have won have never made a top name for themselves
    Those who did'nt win have gone on and become stars, so let Rylan win we will have to put up with him for a couple of weeks then he's gone for good, then watch out for those who did'nt make it, make a name for theselves and we can all enjoy better singing.
    One other thing we do not want to see Nicole back on the show, this show has no room for foul mouthed people (remember that Nicole).

  10. by Paul Clarke 20th Nov 2012 01:58

    No, this is not a well-written article (too many typos), but the sentiment is right.
    Absolutely wrong and outrageous to have Ella's talent (and others in previous weeks) voted off the show in favour of the appalling Rylan. When the viewers' votes do this, then something is wrong, and the show needs a re-think. "Loveable" ego-centric idiots like Rylan are entitled to their moment in the spotlight, but then should be eased out for the real talents - and it should not be possible for mad voting to screw things as it does - which which I am totally with Gary.
    Further... I think the theory that it is the high women vote that favours is the pretty boys, has some truth. As we all know, nobody is more bitchy to women than other women - and there are some cute boys among the show's boy bands to make them a weekly shoe-in. Cjristopher Maloney...? Well, he sings well...but doesnlt really have the star quality, or the potential of Ella - and others he's seen off in recent weeks. So... a talent contest? No, not as long as talent doesn't out, but is out.... It's a flawed show. Cowell and ITV should sort the flaws, or drop it....