Aubrey O'Day

Aubrey O'Day

You're well-versed when it comes to reality TV - which reality show that you've done has been the most difficult?

I have three that were difficult for different reasons. The first would be Celebrity Big Brother It was so difficult because I felt like I was in a mental institution, but I was the only one that was sane. Celebrity Apprentice was hard because I hadn't slept for a month. I was constantly being pushed to be more creative and make films, adverts and commercials. I was also the youngest in the cast and the only female left standing. Lastly would be Marriage Bootcamp. It was emotionally draining because it was very deep and it constantly was digging into the core of your pain.

What are some of your favourite memories from CBB?

Oh there were so many. Firstly, Christmas was amazing. But everybody had their own specific task that they enjoyed and for me, it was getting to build the special relationship with Renee [Graziano], Frankie [Grande] and Ricky [Norwood]. Ricky was my favourite from the UK; I wish he would have won. I loved how it was all about personal growth but at times, you do wonder if you are crazy or not. It's like a very off-version of what life is really like. You have to work with people and share spaces with people you wouldn't necessarily want to be around in real life.

Will you be keeping in touch with any of your ex-housemates?

Definitely, I'm still in contact with Katie [Waissel] and Renee.

Famously Single is obviously a show that really worked for you! How would you describe your relationship now with your man Pauly D?

I would describe it as unforgettable. It's that one relationship that I've been waiting to have and find. Nobody knows the back story, but I wasn't originally going to do the show. I passed on it, but at that time I had just gotten out of a bad relationship and needed to be in an environment where my phone was taken away. I needed to restart and challenge myself so I signed on to do the show. I realised that if you take risks, you can sometimes end up getting closer to your goal than if you play it safe.

What were your immediate first impressions when you and Pauly met?

Reality stars always have reputations and everyone is very full of themselves. I first thought that he would be really cheesy and corny-looking with a lot of gold chains, but when I met him he was so mature and extremely good looking.

The cast of Famously Single
The cast of Famously Single

How difficult is it to maintain a healthy relationship when your life is viewed so heavily through the public eye?

It's definitely been a rollercoaster. Some days are fun and exciting, to share your love life with people, but some days it can really work against you and create problems. Pauly D has a past and when you're famous and in a relationship, the past can always creep us. It's made us stronger in the right ways. People always talk about communication and trust being the important things in a relationship. But for me, I think it's really about not letting go. If you don't want it to end just keep it going, you have to adjust your way of thinking.

All About Aubrey is available to view again in the UK on hayu - why should people go back and watch that series?

All About Aubrey is great because you can watch me transition as a person. I started off with the group Danity Kane and you can watch me transition into becoming a solo artist. Another amazing thing is that all of my best friends, the ones that I knew before I was famous, are all on that show and it's great to see them on it.

What are some of your favourite memories from that time?

My best memory would be when I went and did my first big radio show. I was finally getting into control and being able to fully write my own music. I could push myself to being creative and just writing my own stuff.

Your first love is music - should we expect some new music in the near future?

We are working on some new stuff, but I recently came out with an album, 'dumblonde', which is my favourite piece of work that I've made so far in my career. I was involved with Shannon Bex in every aspect including producing, writing, the visuals and editing. Shannon Bex and I are the last two standing from Danity Kane and we just decided that we would stay together and make an album together.

Finally, what's next for you?

Getting married and having a baby. I just want to start settling down and being happy in my personal life. My happiness was my career, the more I was doing the happier I got. But when the hype starts to settle, you realise you want more things in life to give you happiness.

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