With just a week to go until Big Brother Canada season 5 draws to a close, we got to chat to fifth place contestant Dillon, who was sent to the Jury House in a 2-0 vote by his fellow competitors, Ika and Karen.

Dillon has been evicted from Big Brother Canada

Dillon has been evicted from Big Brother Canada

Now that you’ve had a little time to reflect, how do you feel about your whole Big Brother Canada experience?

Oh, it was the best experience ever. I went in that house and I was myself, I am who I am and I had the best time. It was just an amazing time.

Why do you think you were sent home this week instead of Demetres?

Well, a lot of it had to do with Karen not voting for me, obviously, but Kevin wanted to ensure getting a big player, a strong player out of the house, a threat, and he succeeded.

At this point in the game, who do you think can take it all the way and win?

I’m not 100% who’s gonna take it all the way, but I would like to see Demetres win the show. He played a hell of a game, he’s a hell of a competitor, an amazing guy. Yeah, I hope Demetres wins.

Who do you hope follows you out next to Jury and why?

Kevin, because he’s the big reason I went home. (laughs)

As a Jury member, what will you be looking for in your winner?

Like I said, Demetres shows a lot of good characteristics. He’s a good guy, he’s true to his word, he’s a hell of a competitor and a very intellectual person, and he played a very good game, so I would like to see him take it home.

Ika and Demetres played on each other, they worked so well together because Ika played the really good social game and Demetres was a monster in the competition so, I guess if either one of them were to be in the finals or to win it, I would be happy with that.

Is there anybody you would never consider voting for to win the game?

Kevin. I definitely wouldn’t vote for Kevin, just because he’s the reason I’m here now.

If you could send a member of Jury back into the house, who would you choose and why?

I might throw Neda back in there just to spice it up, just to get things a little crazy in there. I like Bruno too, he’s a good guy. I dunno… None of them!

Who was your favourite houseguest to live with this year?

Karen really kept everything interesting. She always had something wild to say. And I loved Gary, he was a handful at times but I loved living with Gary.

And who was the most difficult houseguest to live with?

Again, that could go both ways! Gary and Kevin, they’re handfuls at times, but at the same time they’re just so much fun to be around, and bring so much energy. I have so much respect for Gary because he’s himself no matter what. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, he’s gonna be Gary and you’re gonna like it or not like it, and I just love that about him.

Finally, tell us about your biggest highlight in the house this year…

Definitely my mom and my dog coming into the BBCAN house. What an amazing, emotional ride that was, the experience of that, to have my mom be in the BBCAN Odyssey is just unbelievable, and my dog, first pet ever to be in the BBCAN house is just amazing.

Big Brother Canada continues Monday, Wednesday and concludes with its live finale on Thursday, on Global.

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