When it comes to Big Brother Canada, you can be certain dramatic episodes, huge twists and shocking turns are going to take place every single season. This time round there have been more than ever before, and the return of the dreaded Triple Eviction took place this past week, sending The French Connection – Dre and William – out of the door. We spoke to the pair about their time in the house, who they would NEVER vote for to win and more…

William and Dre were evicted from BBCAN5

William and Dre were evicted from BBCAN5

You were the victims of this season’s Triple Eviction; how do you feel about the way you were sent out of the Big Brother Canada house?

William: I was quite shocked, disappointed, to go out on this big twist. That was a big twist and I knew, ‘Triple Eviction, I need to win HoH, or Dre, because if it’s not happening we’re gonna be in huge trouble.’

Dre: Yeah. Triple Eviction… It’s never a good thing to leave, whether it’s a single or a triple you just don’t want to leave.

Where do you personally think your game went wrong this season?

Dre: There’s so many things I could say. It’s hard to say exactly where, I don’t think there’s a point where it went wrong, there’s a lot of things that could have been done better. What I could have improved was maybe being closer to William really. I was close to him but really being just tight with William, I think that would have helped me.

William: I would say building trust with more people. At first I was really paranoid and I couldn’t trust anyone and I didn’t want to talk to anyone because I was scared, but at this point I think that sometimes it was not helping me because I didn’t have a lot of people in this game.

Despite that, what do you make of your overall experience with the show?

Dre: It’s amazing. I love, love it. I was a fan of Big Brother, I’m still a fan of Big Brother, being a player is so much different and it’s so hard because, when you watch the show or read the blogs you think you can do it. Then you’re in the show, you’re playing the game, you’re in the competition, you have to make strategies, you have to make connections and it’s so much harder than you think. I just loved the whole experience and the connections that we made.

William: I think it’s gonna be the most crazy thing we’ve done in our lives. One moment you wanna self-evict because it’s too hard, you feel your brain’s gonna die, the other seconds you’re like, ‘OK, I’m gonna win this game’, it’s crazy. The biggest rollercoaster ever.

You’re now headed to Jury, so what are you looking for in your winner?

William: A big player, a good player…

Dre: I don’t know how to answer this question because at this point with the people that are left in the house, I know what kind of games they’re playing already. I don’t know what I’m looking for anymore. We’ll see with the final two and then I’ll make a decision then.

Do you have any players in mind that you think COULD take it all the way at this point?

William: I would say Kevin and Ika; I think they’ve played a good game. Ika talked a lot to a lot of people, she manipulated a lot of people and I was like at one point, ‘She’s gonna go home’. This week she was on the block with Demetres and she’s still there with Demetres after this Triple Eviction and I feel that she’s playing a good game.

Dre: I think a lot of Houseguests were led by fear unfortunately in the house-

William: -But that’s a good thing. She was able to do that and she kept herself because of that.

Dre: Yeah, good for her. Good for her.

Is there anybody you would NEVER consider voting for to win the game?

William: Oh Dillon. I didn’t like Dillon, I don’t like Dillon. I’m sorry Dillon, I don’t wanna vote for you. I wouldn’t wanna vote for Dillon, I feel like he was flip-flopping all the time, I don’t know… No, I would not vote for Dillon.

Dre: At this point sincerely I don’t know. I’ll go with the best player depending on the final two. I think everybody played a good game but at this point I don’t see anybody playing a great game unfortunately.

If you could send one of your fellow Jurors back into the house – not yourselves – who would you send and why?

William: Oh I wanna send Neda back. I wanna see what the country’s gonna do. What happened to Neda? I feel like the country didn’t like her, I don’t know. So I wanna see her back, she’s a great player, she’s a good character and I wanna see her more in the show, so I would do that… And maybe evict Ika!

Dre: Yeah.

William, we saw your friendship with Kevin evolve into something a little more romantic. Is that something you hope to continue outside of the house?

William: I don’t think now that we’re gonna have something after the show. We talked about this. In a way we’re not really seeing that as a showmance, more like a thirdmance, well Kevin was saying that and that’s OK for me. I know it’s gonna be nothing after the show and that’s really OK for me.

Dre: No comment.

Dre, you had a bust-up with Dillon after Jackie’s eviction. What was going through your mind when everything was going down?

Dre: There’s a mix of things. I feel like Dillon really went where the power was and was really flip-flopping and telling everything to everyone. I feel like he was trying to play, but Dillon is not someone that convinced people so I don’t know exactly what he was trying to do. I was just upset that he flip-flopped so much and that he was tryna blow up my game. We were on the same page and I think he just got scared and instead of tryna make a big move and stand up for himself, he tried to hide behind Ika and Demetres. I was just upset and trying to see if ever the blow-up is big enough than maybe I can create some confusion, and then because I’m mad at Dillon and he’s mad at me it could somehow work and I could stay in the house. I was actually upset but I was tryna create something so maybe I could stay.

Finally, what are your biggest highlights from your time in the house?

Dre: Day one, I think that day is gonna stay in my memory forever. Meeting the returning players, seeing William, knowing I had a friend in him. Day one, for now is my favourite thing.

William: Secret Power of Veto for me, that was a great day, going in the Black Hole, that was amazing, I loved it.

Big Brother Canada continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on Global.

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