Robert Rinder is one of the funniest television personalities of the modern day, bringing his courtroom to daytime TV viewers on ITV with Judge Rinder. Considering cases from across Britain that range from the super serious to the hugely hilarious, we’ve taken a look back at the archives and found five of the funniest moments that have taken place in Judge Rinder’s court so far…

Credit: ITV

Credit: ITV

5. When Judge Rinder pretended to be a horse

Considering a case that saw a horse in the middle of a heck of a lot of drama, Judge Rinder decided that he’d engage in some roleplay to find out exactly what went on at a farm. With the horse’s owner engaging in a conversation with her four-legged friend, the court erupted into laughter when the Judge himself decided to take on the role of the horse. You can see for yourself exactly what happened in the video above…

4. When the defendant and claimant started fighting before the hearing even kicked off

Judge Rinder was forced to tell Karen and her niece Amy to ‘shut up’ and ‘behave in a way which demonstrates to me that you understand that you’re in a court’. He warned that three interruptions in either side would result in the person being chucked out of the courtroom, and certainly put the pair in their place after they had a war of words before he had even left his chambers! It didn’t take long for the tears to start flowing on this one…

3. When Judge Rinder learned the meaning of ‘LMAO’

‘Were you doing a full belly laugh?’, Judge Rinder had to ask a claimant when they showed texts that saw them ‘lmao-ing’ about being out of pocket. At first, he didn’t understand what the acronym meant; even the Judge learns something new every day!

2. ‘Licky Licky’

What else can be said, other than ‘Licky Licky’? This was a very odd moment in court, as the defendant continuously whispered to Judge Rinder in a strangely charismatic way. Perhaps he thought he could put a spell on the Judge, like this next entry…

1. The Judge almost has a spell put on him

Wendy proved exactly why she was so eccentrically dressed when she suggested a hex may be in order for Judge Rinder, in order for the case to go in the ‘right direction’. We’re not sure how the Judge felt when he got home later that evening, but hopefully there was no curse sent his way!

Judge Rinder continues weekdays at 2pm on ITV.

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