There’s no doubt that Poldark is one of the most impressive British shows of the modern era. The audience clearly watch it for its intricate storytelling, twists and turns, but there are those watching who also anxiously await the next shirtless scene of leading star, Aidan Turner.

Credit: BBC

Credit: BBC

Speaking to heat radio, the actor said that he doesn’t mind he’s stripping off in the show, because it’s always in good taste and makes sense when it comes to the series’ storytelling. Though he can’t remember how much he gets shirtless in series three, he said if the time calls for it he has no problem in baring his skin.

He explained: “It’s always the actor’s choice. If it was tasteful and it was done in the right ways and it made sense to the show, it’s shown in the episode.

“I don’t know this year whether he strips off or not. I can’t quite remember. Maybe if he’s jumping into the bath or something. If it made sense, it’ll be in it.”

This time round, Poldark will be based on Winston Graham’s fifth and sixth books in his original novel series of the same name, The Black Moon and The Four Swans respectively.

Poldark returns to BBC One for series three this June.

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