Peter Davison and Elizabeth Morton

Peter Davison and Elizabeth Morton

Peter Davison has confirmed he will appear in the 'Doctor Who' 50th anniversary special.

The 62-year-old actor, who played the Fifth Doctor in the BBC sci-fi series from 1981 to 1984, admitted he is going to play a part in the one-off episode on November 23 and while he is looking forward to seeing it all come together, he is remaining tight-lipped about the specific details of his role.

He told BANG Showbiz: "I'm making an appearance somewhere over that period of time but I can't reveal in what.

"I can't reveal anything specific about it. I'm not allowed to.

"It is a big year for the show and we're all doing our bit for it. Trust me."

The episode will be one of Matt Smith's last appearances as the titular Time Lord, but Peter is excited about 55-year-old Peter Capaldi taking over the role from next year because he believes the 'Thick of It' star will bring some much-needed maturity to the part.

He added: "I think it's a great choice, I really think it's a brilliant choice. So many names have been banded about.

"When I heard who it was I just thought that's a great choice.

"He's a fantastic actor and he has that sort of sense of humour. He has an edge to him as well and I think it's nice to have a maturer Doctor.

"I grew up with mature Doctors so I think it's an excellent choice."

Peter would love to see one of his grandchildren appear as the Doctor one day following in the footsteps of him and his son-in-law David Tennant - who is married to Peter's daughter Georgia Moffett - but joked it might resemble the controversial North Korean dynasty, which is passed down from father to son.

He quipped: "'Doctor Who' is a bit like the North Korean dynasty, we're just going to pass it on down the line until one of us pops our clogs. It's all ours now - it's the Davison and Tennant dynasty."

However, Peter - who has been married to Elizabeth Morton since 2003 - admits he fears for the show's future and wouldn't be surprised if people got "tired" of watching the sci-fi series and bosses decided to take it off air.

He said: "There will get to a point where people get a bit tired of 'Doctor Who'. I don't know, maybe it will need a little rest. I'd love to see it carry on but you can never tell."

  1. by Jon 13th Sep 2013 17:19

    Oh you absolute morons. He is talking about a parody sketch video he did for it.

  2. by lewgopolis 13th Sep 2013 17:25

    Headline fails to match the quote from Davison. He says "somewhere" and notes he can't say "in what". You're jumping to conclusions. Bad article.

  3. by DWdrummer 13th Sep 2013 17:47

    In regards to the comment about people getting tired of it; Dr. Who has one thing going for it that Star Trek or other sci-fi shows didn't...and that's a strong female fan base. And as long as they keep rolling over companions and bringing back old characters now and then it will remain fresh. It's quite the enigma really, Dr. Who. Cheers to them!

  4. by Connor 13th Sep 2013 18:30

    That sketch video is apparently for a Doctor Who special of Have I got News for You.

  5. by Amanda 13th Sep 2013 18:38

    I get the distinct feeling that Davison was trolling the interviewers. I wouldn't put it past him to do so.

  6. by Xavier Lopez 13th Sep 2013 19:09

    Finally, I'm excited! I was kind of annoyed at the idea that they were just going to ignore the past Doctors--but now it looks like I have something to look forward to!

  7. by CGW 13th Sep 2013 23:25

    As other commenters have noted, Davison didn't say he would be in the episode itself, as in the actual "The Day of the Doctor." BUT, at the risk of being too optimistic, I think he's still probably involved in a significant, and "official" way, whether that's the episode itself, some prequel or minisode or who knows what. For two reasons:

    1) Davison has a close and good relationship with Moffet, so I don't think he'd do anything to try to screw him over. Dropping this teaser if his involvement was just something minor or just his own project would leave fans seriously disappointed come November, and I don't think he'd do that.

    2) I can't think of many good reasons why he'd be under official orders not to talk if it was just some interview or panel appearance or something. If someone at the BBC is telling him to keep it a secret, it must be awesome enough to be worth keeping!

    My bet is that we'll get a series of prequel minisodes leading up to the 50th, tying in to the past doctors somehow. It could be plenty of other things, but whatever it is I bet it will be substantial enough to be cool!

  8. by Doo Wee DOOOOOOOOO 14th Sep 2013 01:28

    Star Trek has a huge female fan base - particularly since Benedict Cumberbatch appeared in it. That dragged over a heap of Cumberbabes, and now a lot of us are hooked. But seriously, even out of non-Cumberbabes, heaps of girls love sci-fi cults like Star Trek. I go to an all girls school, and let me tell you, there were plenty of people going to see the latest film more than once.