Whether or not you enjoy reality TV, there’s probably a whole slew of people in your life who keep up with some of the instalments in the Real Housewives franchise. One of the most popular places viewers enjoy going to each week is Beverly Hills, which has seen an incredible amount of personalities come and go through the seven seasons that have aired to-date. Taking a look back at what has come so far, we’ve decided to rank every single Real Housewives of Beverly Hills housewife, and even include the ‘friend of’ guests that made regular appearances throughout a season or two…

Credit: Bravo

Credit: Bravo

19. Marisa Zanuck

Nothing much can be said of Marisa’s time with the Real Housewives, as she wasn’t given very much air time at all. In fact, there are zero memorable moments that spring to mind, other than her being a generally pleasant and seemingly nice person. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the place for her.

18. Faye Resnick

Faye Resnick has often been accused of being a ‘mouth piece’, and during her time on the show that’s exactly what she’s been. She always seemed to be on the wrong side of an argument and will forever be remembered as ‘the morally corrupt Faye Resnick’ thanks to Camille Grammer’s charismatic confessional piece back in Season 1.

17. Dana Wilkey

‘Know how much these were? $25,000!’ Dana was a woman obsessed with her wealth and fortune. She would wear $25,000 sunglasses just so she could boast about their price, and hire out a personalised lollipop stick worth $1 million for fun. This immediately put her on the back foot in the fight to get viewers on her side, and in a season that also introduced Brandi Glanville, she fell to the wayside and was cut after just a few episodes.

16. Eden Sassoon

Eden is currently starring in the seventh season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but she’s not somebody the viewers have warmed to at all. It’s clear to see why, as she thrusts herself into the Richards’ family business, getting her hands muddied with all of Kim Richards’ personal business in an effort to connect as a fellow addict. It’s all been very tough to watch. Eden at her core is probably a lovely person, but she has so far seemed clingy, out of touch with reality and grating.

15. Joyce Giraud de Ohoven

Poor Joyce, she never stood a chance against Brandi, who many think bullied her during her one and only season. It’s no surprise she didn’t make a return; she was unpopular with viewers and with the fellow Housewives. Another one who never really had a chance to make an impression. Sweet enough, but not great in front of the reality cameras.

14. Carlton Gebbia

Carlton was a literal witch, which must have been the job title producers needed to get her on the show without further question. As a fellow Brit to Lisa Vanderpump, the two often sparred with similar banter, but Carlton got embroiled in some ridiculous drama with Kyle Richards and was cut from the show soon after her first season came to an end. She helped dredge up some kooky scenes, but in the end it wasn’t enough to solidify her place on the cast.

13. Kathryn Richards

For some reason, Kathyrn isn’t somebody who made it work with viewers despite her being involved with much of the drama that took place in Season 6. Her moving from one camp to the other with information saw her viewed as somewhat of a stirrer, but she wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty and dig into the arguments if needs be. Not the worst addition the show has seen, but she didn’t last.

12. Adrienne Maloof

Before things got really dark with her former husband, Adrienne Maloof was one of the original Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but seemed to lose a lot of her fan base when she and her ex-husband aggressively confronted Brandi Glanville at a rooftop party. It was a bad look for Adrienne and the beginning of the end of her time on the show. When she then refused to turn up for the reunion show, Andy Cohen told viewers that she would never grace the series as a Housewife ever again. Yikes. They certainly all ended on bad terms.

11. Lisa Rinna

Upon first joining the cast, Lisa Rinna was a fantastic addition, but things began to go sour last year. Jump to the current seventh season and Rinna has dug herself a hole she can’t get out of. Speaking to Eden Sassoon, she claimed that Kim Richards – currently sober – is ‘close to death’ and said that her sister Kyle Richards, who we’ve always seen try to help her sister, is ‘an enabler’ doing nothing to help. Now, she’s apologised, but this isn’t the first time Rinna has opened her mouth, so her fellow cast members are wondering if her apologies hold any ground.

10. Eileen Davidson

Eileen, like Rinna had a great first season, but nearly two seasons later she still seems caught up on getting an apology she’s already had on more than one occasion from Lisa Vanderpump. It’s a boring story and one we can’t wait to get rid of. Eileen’s purpose on the show isn’t being served anywhere else, as she currently suffers from a terrible stomach bug on screen. Hopefully when we see her get better, she’ll come back with a vengeance and a new fight to take part in.

9. Taylor Armstrong

Any housewife who can spend thousands of dollars on their daughter’s birthday party and be proud of it is a great one in our books. Taylor also shared perhaps the darkest moment of her life when her former husband Russell took his own life and left behind a lot of debt. It was dark television, but eye-opening and compelling viewing. Away from all that, Taylor was more than willing to hold her own in arguments, and we’d love to see her make a comeback at some point in the future.

8. Dorit Kelmsley

Though she’s not the most popular new addition to the franchise, Dorit has definitely made a lasting impression. Whether that be for her personality, her accent, her on screen debates or something else entirely, you have to respect her tenacity. When she’s not with her husband PK, she’s endearing and genuinely funny, able to keep up with Lisa Vanderpump’s banter and sticking closely by her fierce friend. A great addition and somebody we hope will be making a return in the seasons to come.

7. Yolanda Hadid

It’s a shame that Yolanda’s sickness is something that plagued her final few seasons on the show, because when she joined she was one of the most energetic and high-spirited people the series had to offer. Seeing her alliances shift and change she was often caught up in drama, but cared more about helping out those closest to her – especially her now super model daughter, Gigi! Everything about Yolanda was gold, and we wish her well.

6. Brandi Glanville

Brandi had some great times on Beverly Hills. Brandi also had some hugely terrible times and, unfortunately for her, they’re the ones that tend to stick in our memory. Remember when she very nearly got back on the right path with ex best friend Lisa Vanderpump, only to randomly slap her in the face? Yeah, not a good look. Despite all that, we can’t deny the impact she’s had on the series, so she has to place highly on the list. Brandi, we hope you’ve reigned in it!

5. Kyle Richards

Good or bad, Kyle Richards is one of the staples of the Real Housewives franchise and manages to make herself the centre of attention in every single season of Beverly Hills that has aired to-date. She’s a fantastic businesswoman, terrific mother and we love seeing what she gets up to whenever she makes an appearance. Not afraid to let her hair down and have fun, some of her best scenes come when it’s time to party – for example when she went to one of Erika Jayne’s shows on the current seventh season. She’s not without her faults – we’ll never forget her hiding Brandi’s crutches, for instance – but there’s certainly more good than not here.

4. Camille Grammer

Camille ranks highly for the simple fact she brought a psychic to her dinner to nail all of her enemy Housewives to the cross during her first Season. That, and she went from ‘the most hated Real Housewife ever’ to a beloved character during the second season of Beverly Hills. Divorcing from her husband, she took a huge chunk of cash home and is truly living the life, kissing princes and enjoying herself whenever possible. We’re not sure Camille would ever come back full time, but she’d be top of our list if we could pick anybody.

3. Erika Girardi aka Erika Jayne

Has anybody who’s not been an original on a Real Housewives show made as good a first impression as Erika Girardi? Down to earth, unafraid of calling out bullshit and living her life exactly how she wants to live it, no matter what anybody else says, Erika is an inspiration to us all. She’ll be competing on the new season of Dancing With The Stars, and has to be a favourite thanks to all of her music business experience!

2. Kim Richards

Kim Richards is the rare housewife who has shared literally EVERY aspect of her life on screen with her fans. She’s an addict and she’s gone through some tough battles, but she’s overcome that past and worked her way into the hearts of those watching. Every time we see Kim on screen, we feel joy and excitement to see what she’s gonna get up to. Now, we’ve just seen her become a Grandmother, and she’s better than ever. We couldn’t be happier for her.

1. Lisa Vanderpump

Whether she’s fighting to stop the Yulin Festival or fighting with her fellow Real Housewives, Lisa Vanderpump has always been a staple of the Beverly Hills series, bringing her sharp wit and humour to a show that’s often in dire need of a pick-me-up. In the latest season her tagline is: ‘The crown is heavy darlings, so just leave it where it belongs’; we’re not going to disagree with her on this one – she’s the true Queen of the Real Housewives franchise!

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