For this week's shopping task, Housemates have been reliving significant moments from the past ten years of Big Brother. Starting yesterday, this will take place over three days, culminating in a live performance of Pie Jesu by Michelle on the live show in front of tonight's eviction crowd.


The task continues today for Nikki, as she will become a high powered personal assistant to no other than Big Brother 7 winner, Pete Bennett. Mr Bennett has a very busy day and can occasionally be very demanding. To pass her part of the shopping task Nikki must ensure she completes all of his demands.

The demands are:
- To write a column about the Housemates and their week in the House.
- To freshly squeeze an orange juice for Mr Bennett
- To separate paper clips into colour order
- To sharpen 50 blunt pencils
- To tidy the Kitchen and Living Room
- To make teas and coffees for the House

For the task, Nikki will be provided with a desk which she must sit at unless Pete has ordered her to do something that requires her to leave her work station. Nikki has five hours to complete the task.

Yesterday's task results:

Yesterday, Makosi, Brian and Michelle, Nadia and Victor all took part in their challenges. The results are as follows:

As Makosi has worn her costume for the whole day, she has passed this part of the task. She also attended a date with ex fellow Housemate, Anthony Hutton. She has now passed all of her part of this week's shopping task.


As Brian successfully got to the stage within 30 seconds for his entire dance triggers and danced for the duration of the songs he has so far passed his part of the task.

Chantelle, Nadia and Victor

Kandy Floss with a K successfully sang a rendition of "I Want It All" complete with dance routine, and have therefore passed their part of the task.

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