Ultimate Big Brother

Ultimate Big Brother

Housemates will learn and perform a routine to Lady Gaga's ‘Bad Romance’ and they will perform it later on today. If Housemates rehearse and perform to an acceptable standard, as deemed by an independent adjudicator, Housemates will receive a special reward.

Housemates have been provided with an instructional DVD and DVD player with which to learn the routine. One Housemate will act as choreographer and will lead the group through their rehearsals. As well as choreographing the routine, this Housemate will also dance in the routine. Housemates have chosen NIKKI as choreographer.

One Housemate will take the role of Troupe Leader. This Housemate will learn a slightly more complicated routine. Housemates have chosen CHANTELLE as troop leader.

All other Housemates will become majorettes.

Big Brother is providing Housemates will two rehearsal periods in which to learn the routine in a marked area in the garden.

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