Alpro Hazelnut Original

Alpro Hazelnut Original

If you are a vegan and seriously missing the taste of Ferrero Roche- this product is for you. It has very nutty taste and is incredibly sweet so it feels like an indulgence when you're drinking it. And if you want to make it chocolaty AND nutty- you could add a bit of cocoa in there to get the full 'this drink is really spoiling us' effect.

It's a lot darker than other milks in the collection, so don't be alarmed when you pour it- it's supposed to look like that!

I have got into the habit of having a glass of Alpro- whichever flavour takes my fancy- after my evening meal is this satisfies my sweet cravings. When I have something long and sweet to drink I don't feel deprived when my husband eats a muffin or a cake in front of me! This variety is no exception- it's creamy, nutty and sweet- which is all you want for afters!

Alpro Hazelnut is also Slimming World friendly- you can have a whole 400ml a day so even though it tastes like you're having your whole daily allowance of calories- but it's only 29 calories per 100ml- not bad at all! Another winner Alpro!

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