Raised in dark sheds

Raised in dark sheds

As it's National Chicken Boy Day, we thought we would show you this video of Chicken in 60 seconds flat from PETA so you know exactly where your meat is coming from. 

It is arguable that chickens are some of the most abused creatures on the planet. More chickens are killed for food than all others land animals combined. Despite so many losing their lives for us to eat, there are no federal laws to protect them from abuse, despite most Americans who say they would support such a law.

Chickens that are raised purely for their flesh are also known as 'broilers' by the industry. They spend their whole lives in dirty, overcrowded sheds. This close proximity and confinement often leads to the spread of disease.

They are bred and given drugs to make them grow large and their legs and organs can't grow at the same rate. This often results in heart attacks, organ failure and leg deformities. Many can't hold their own weight and die because they can't lift themselves up to reach water.

When they reach about 6-7 weeks old they are taken to slaughter. Once inside the slaughterhouse, their legs are put into shackles so they hang upside down, their throats are sliced and they are covered in scalding hot water to release all of their feathers. In addition, many of these creatures are still alive when their throats are slashed and many are scalded to death if they missed the throat cutter.


For more information go to www.peta.org.

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