When I started making "Accidentally Vegan Junk Food Videos" I had no idea they would be so popular. I mean, why would you want to sit and watch me eat junk food?! Turns out that is not the main attraction, the attraction(s) is the food itself. When you choose to adopt a vegan lifestyle there is a stigma or stereotype or even a rumour that you can no longer enjoy the junk food that the supermarket has to offer as it usually contains some form of animal derived product. This my friends is wrong in many cases.

Naturally Stefanie

Naturally Stefanie

You could spend hours trolling through every supermarket and reading labels on thousands of products to see which suit your cruelty free lifestyle. Or you could just pop on google or YouTube! I first found out about accidentally vegan food on google and rushed to the shops to buy all the junk food my trolley could carry. Then i started making videos about my finds and watching others do the same.

I must say you will be very surprised at how many vegan options there are out there if you really are a junk foodie.

My top 8 include:

Oreos: yes that creamy white centre is sheer sugar.. no dairy in sight!

Fox's Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies: thought you were giving up cookies as a vegan? Think again!

Co-Operative Jam and Custard Donuts: 2 bags for £1 how can you say no?

Cadbury's Bournville Chocolate: Cadbury is Bae

Zizzi Dairy Free Margherita Pizza: Cheesy pizza has never tasted so damn good, and it is made of rice? Wait what?

Lotus Biscoff Spread: As if the biscuits were not good enough, they now come in spread form

Tesco Everyday Value Garlic Baguette: 32 pence of glorious garlic flavoured bread, not just bread, baguette.

Betty Crocker Cake Mix: If healthy, raw, gluten free, sugar free cakes are not your thing, grab a box of Betty Crocker Devil's food cake, mix in nothing more than 330ml of diet coke and you have a perfect vegan cake.

Stefanie is working with Zizzi on the launch of their autumn winter menu.

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