Vegan flatmates might surprise you

Vegan flatmates might surprise you

A study by Betta Living has found that only 5% of homeowners would be willing to live with a vegan flatmate, so here are ten reasons why vegans make great housemates.

Your bills should be lower- Vegans tend to be environmentally conscious which means they don't like to waste water or energy, so your bills should benefit from having a vegan flatmate.

They won't pinch your meat, eggs or dairy- If you've lived with people who think it's ok to steal some of your sandwich meat for a midnight snack, a piece of your take-away pizza or leave you with a drop of milk after they've helped themselves- fear not- this would never happen with a vegan housemate.

They're probably kind people- Vegans care about animals and the environment, which generally makes them selfless people because their entire diet is based around not causing harm to anything. Chances are they are kind to people too.

Your treats will remain intact- The likelihood is they won't eat your sweets and chocolate of choice so you will never have to share if you decide to socialise with each other and nibbles in your shared space.

They're often understanding folk- There are many vegans who decided to make the switch after years of eating meat, eggs and dairy so they won't judge you if you eat these things. It would be hypocritical of them to, so they tend to adopt an 'each to their own' mentality.

If you have a pet- They probably won't object to you letting it roam around the house and they might even look after it if you go on holiday or for a weekend away and even buy it things.

They might be able to teach you how to cook- Vegans learn fast that they can't live simply on convenience vegan food so many realise that the way forward is to cook everything from scratch. If you want to improve your kitchen skills- they'll probably be happy to help.

You might learn something from them- If you are vegan curious- they likely won't mind if you want to ask them some questions, so feel free to ask away.

They could be a good influence on you- If you're looking to eat more of your five a day or just generally eat healthier- they should be able to advise you because, let's face it- they survive on the good stuff.

Their food won't cause a bad smell- They won't leave chicken bones to rot in the trash, stink the fridge out with tuna mayo or leave solidified fat in the pans.

What makes the perfect housemate?

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