Pamela Anderson arrived in London this afternoon and her main priority was to send an urgent letter to Prime Minister- Theresa May to ask her to bring forward legislation to ban wild animal circuses.

Pamela Anderson posting her letter to the PM

Pamela Anderson posting her letter to the PM

"One of the things that I love the most about the U.K. is its strong reputation as a nation that opposes cruelty to animals. That's why my mouth dropped when I learned that Britain still has not banned wild animals from circuses", states the letter, written on behalf of PETA. "With all due respect, Brexit is complicated, but kissing circus animal acts goodbye is easy as pie."

"Animal acts are embarrassingly archaic and have no place in modern Britain - or anywhere else …. I'm currently in the U.K. and would welcome the chance to meet with you about this issue", Anderson pleads.

Anderson wrote her letter after plans were not followed through to ban wild animal circuses back in January 2015- even with masses of public support.

This was evidenced by a Defra consultation, which saw 94 per cent of respondents, including the British Veterinary Association, in favour of the ban.

Anderson, a long-time PETA supporter, joins Michael Sheen, Martin Freeman, Mark Rylance, and Ann Widdecombe to encourage the government to join Austria, Bolivia, Finland, India, Mexico, and many other countries in prohibiting wild-animal circus acts.

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