Does it contain wool?

Does it contain wool?

Does it contain egg?

Meat is pretty obvious- but it can be tricky to tell if something contains egg without the packaging especially if you're in a café or restaurant.

Does it contain milk?

Again a mysterious substance that finds its way into things you would never imagine- like crisps?! You know to check everything now or ask.

Can I have it without cheese please?

When you go to a restaurant and there's nothing other than a veggie dish with piles of cheese and you wonder if they will make an exception for you.

Can I cobble together a meal out of sides?

Can you have a few sides and make a meal out of them? The last resort when a restaurant is not very accommodating.

Can I have this starter as a main?

When the establishment decides to only provide veggie dishes in the starter section which means you have to ask for it LARGE.

Can I have this side as a starter?

Sometimes you can't go wrong with a bowl of olives if there are no vegan choices to start.

Does it have the leaping bunny on it?

When you spend ages looking through shelves of products to find that all important symbol that brings you both joy and comfort.

Does it contain gelatine?

And when the person holding them or the packet says 'yes' you wonder if it's too much to ask to have candy without cow.

Is this real leather of faux leather?

When you fall in love with a piece of clothing or an accessory and it all hangs on whether it's made from skin or not.

Is this made from wool?

It can be hard to tell just from touch so you read the label in the hope it's made from something synthetic or you're not buying it.

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