Most people fancy an ice cream at this time of year- but just because it has the word 'cream' in its name doesn't mean vegans can't enjoy one in the sun too. 

Even vegans can enjoy ice cream!

Even vegans can enjoy ice cream!

Booja Booja 

Booja-Booja’s new tubs are worth celebrating, not only do they give indulgent dairy ice creams a run for their money, they are made from a handful of simple organic ingredients, look beautiful and have won many taste awards including the Great Taste Awards 2016 for its Hunky Punky Chocolate and Keep Smiling Vanilla M’Gorilla. Plus they have the added bonus of having at least 70% less saturated fat than leading dairy ice cream, meaning that not only do they rival their dairy counterparts on taste but on nutritional and free-from credentials too.  

Instead of using dairy based ingredients, Booja-Booja ice creams are made using cashew nuts, which are blended together to make a creamy base.  This is then transformed by the addition of other vibrant, natural ingredients. 

Rather than sugar and a long list of stabilisers, emulsifiers, flavours and other chemicals, all six flavours are made with the finest, minimal number of organic ingredients and without preservatives or other additives.  The ice creams are made raw wherever possible and agave syrup provides gentle sweetness for the majority of flavours.  Foods containing fructose, such as agave, lead to lower blood glucose rise than those with sucrose or glucose.

Booja-Booja dairy free ice creams are available from independent health food stores, Ocado, Holland and Barrett and Waitrose at an RRP of £5.99 (500ml) and £1.99 (110ml). 


Spring 2017 sees Poptails by LAPP ( launch a trio of distinctly grown up, delectably alcoholic ice pops. Borne from the idea of two French friends living and working in East London, LAPP are creators of gourmet Poptail lollies made from a delicious blend of fresh fruit and premium alcohol (4.5% ABV).

The boozy, Calippo-shaped, sorbets are an inviting combination of the popsicle and the cocktail; the coolest way to chill off this Summer, they will be available to partygoers in the hippest bars, restaurants, hotels and shops across the UK and France (think beach bars in Paris and rooftops in Brixton). Choose from the beautifully smooth Mojito – Rum, Strawberry and Mint sorbet; Punch – Rum, Mango and Pineapple sorbet and Limon – Limoncello, Lemon and Coconut sorbet (RRP £3.99 for each 110ml lolly, strictly 18+).

Inspired by classic cocktails and created with the finest natural ingredients (free from additives and colouring) the fun and unexpected lollies are fat free and under 130kcals, (almost) guilt-free!

For those who are inspired by the perfect marriage of fine spirits and fresh fruit sorbets, LAPP also offer a bespoke service that delivers the Poptail party to you – whether it’s a wedding, a brand launch, an office summer party, LAPP and their handy frozen cocktail bicycle will be the hottest brand to work with this Summer, hot on the heels of their collaboration with Mumm Champagne, the possibilities are endless!

Poptails by LAPP will also be taking over this summer’s festival scene, look out for happy customers cooling down with a Poptail at Secret Garden Party, Field Day and Lovebox as well as We Love Green in Paris.

Poptails by LAPP launch stockists include Spar Eat 17, Albion Counter, Shoreditch Platform, Autumn Yard and Uber Eats with many more bars, cafés and delis to come! 


Say hello to Alpro’s brand new, naturally delicious ice cream. 100% plant-based and lower in sugars and fat*, it’s the perfect treat for any time and every day – with a delightfully creamy texture and beautifully light taste.

Whether you’re looking for a subtle sweet fix mid-week, fancy a naturally tasty treat for one in front of the TV, or hosting a film night, Alpro Ice Cream is delicious enjoyed straight from the tub – or topped with a selection of healthy, plant-based sprinkles.

Made from nature’s tastiest ingredients – from almonds to hazelnuts to coconut to soya – try teaming a scoop or two with fruit, a splash of honey and a scattering of pecans, a selection of toasted nuts and a sprinkle of cinnamon, or a simple drizzle of dark chocolate.

With Soya Vanilla, Hazelnut Chocolate and Coconut to choose from, you’re sure to find a favourite to tickle your taste buds and add a little bit of luxury to the everyday – whenever the mood strikes.

The NEW Alpro Ice Cream (500ml) is available now only in Tesco at an MRSP of £3.50. 


New Shoreditch-based startup MiiRO ( is on a mission to shake up the ice cream lolly category with the launch of three delectable vegan ice cream pops. Made with frozen coconut milk, nutritionally bolstered by tasty nuts, sweetened with coconut sugar and Italian grapes, balanced by Himalayan pink salt and fortified with pea protein, each luxurious Magnum-shaped treat is coated in a thick layer of nutrient-dense raw cacao and contains no refined sugar, no preservatives or artificial flavourings and they’re gluten free to boot. 

Available in three inviting and innovative flavour combinations, Salted Caramel, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Hazelnut (RRP £2.49 for an individual bar and £6.49 per 3x70ml portioned pack), each variety has been thoughtfully designed for the ultimate rich taste and creamy texture, but also with nutrition front of mind. The handy on-the-go bars contain a careful balance of protein, carbohydrates and good fats, they are also rich in fibre.

These satiating ice-lollies are sweetened with nature’s treasures: grapes and coconut sugar, and contain just 166 calories. The coconut milk used to create the ice cream not only provides a creamy texture, it also has a gorgeous taste and colour. The raw chocolate coating lends a satisfying crunch and melts beautifully on the tongue, whilst giving the ice creams a truly sophisticated, rich chocolate hit – because it is raw, the maximum amount of nutrients are retained. MiiRO’s chocolatey covering is silky smooth thanks to a careful selection of the finest cocoa beans; coconut butter adds the depth that you would expect from a dairy bar.

Launched in Spring 2017, MiiRO is already a two-time Free From Awards Gold Award Winner, the nutrient-rich ice creams are hotly anticipated by dairy and gluten free communities and those looking to reduce their sugar consumption, whilst still luxuriating over their velvety, chocolatey fix!

And so begins MiiRO’s mission: to make healthy products, with the finest ingredients, available to a wide audience! Initial stockists include Whole Foods as well as delis, health food stores and cafés nationwide, listings from Planet Organic and As Nature Intended will follow in May 2017 and Ocado from June 2017 – a great start for this tiny start-up!

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The Nude Spoon Collection

Winner of one of the 2016 Best of Organic Market (BOOM) Awards. Available from Alara Health Store & Organic Cafe, London.

Almond Dream Non-Dairy Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Available from ASDA and Waitrose

Swedish Glace Vanilla Non Dairy Frozen Dessert

Available at ASDA and Ocado

Swedish Glace Strawberry Non Dairy Frozen Dessert

Avaiable from Ocado

Coppa della Maga launch new Vegan, sugar-free ice cream

Available from

Valsoia Cream And Sour Cherry Soya Ice

Available from Ocado

The Coconut Collaborative Dark Chocolate Snowconut Sticks

Valsoia 3 Sticks Soya Ice Cream 250ml

Available from Ocado

Almond Dream Velvety Vanilla Non Dairy Ice Cream

Available from Ocado and Waitrose

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