Weaver is seven years her husband's senior and in an interview with People magazine, she said they met in 1983 at Williamson Theatre Festival. According to the magazine, she first saw her husband to be while he was sitting smoking and reading books on the Moscow Art theatre, however when she asked him to dance at a party later he said 'no'. But it turned out that he was kidding and they did dance together. Allegedly, nothing much happened until a party a few weeks later when Weaver asked him out to dinner.

Sigourney Weaver and Jim Simpson

Sigourney Weaver and Jim Simpson

The pair have been married since 1st October 1984 and have a daughter together, Charlotte Simpson who was born on 13th April 1990.

The couple worked together in the film The Guys in which Weaver stars and Simpson directs and their daughter Charlotte also plays Weaver's on screen daughter in the production.

Happy Wedding Anniversary Sigourney and Jim! 

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