Nude pregnant tummy

Nude pregnant tummy

Seeing celebrities (or not) posing nude in the media is very common and acceptable nowadays. However, part of public still doesn’t seem to be so comfortable with seeing photos of nude women, whether pregnant or not.

Yougov Labs had previously asked participants is nudity still a taboo in Britain and the comments revealed that it is. Most of people said the subject ashamed them.

As pregnant celebrities poses nude from time to time, Yougov labs took it one step further and asked public their opinion on seeing such images in the media.

The feedback showed that most people were comfortable enough seeing pregnant naked women in the media and that they think neither an image of pregnant nor non-pregnant naked woman was controversial.

Here are some of the participant’s thoughts: “The human body - male or female - is anything of beauty and seeing nudes is perfectly natural, sensual, but not necessarily erotic thing.” David, London.

“Naked pregnant women are very natural and beautiful - the women look to be in full blossom and are radiant. A really beautiful sight. People who are upset by such images clearly have problems.” Anon.

“Nudity, in context, Art, medicine and so on, is not something that I find controversial. I am not a naturist and I do have a certain level of modesty as do most people. But underneath we are all human.” Liam, Derry.

“I struggle to understand the mind-set of anybody who would genuinely find either controversial or offensive.” Dave, Mawsley.

However, while majority of people agree that nudity and pregnancy goes together perfectly fine, others’ thoughts were quite different; Some think nude pregnant women images are more controversial: “As said before, what will the child think when it grows up and sees the image?” GD, Warwickshire.

“So many people I know do not like it. It should be a private thing.” Jn.

Others thought that it actually is nude non-pregnant woman image, which is more controversial: “Because the element of sexual tease and unnatural invitation makes it talky and cheap. Objectifying women.” Irene, London.

“These type of women are only seen as a sexual object.” Kerry.

“A non-pregnant woman nude is more likely to be connected to sexual context.” Anon.

It seems that society get more comfortable with such images over time with less and less people finding it controversial. Please share your opinion on the subject with us.

By Monika Petrauskaite

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