"I have spoken to Sharon and she told me that everything was okay despite what people are hearing.

It is totally not true and we have no idea where this has come from. Ozzy and Sharon are in Britain enjoying some quiet time together. Things like this are very upsetting for the family."

  1. by Angel 20th Nov 2008 20:38

    I live in Ottumwa Iowa and heard at work this morning at 3am that Ozzy was dead, rumors like these are sick. We love Ozzy and are glad he's still kickin. ROCK ON

  2. by marie 21st Mar 2012 20:24

    thank god your fine what the hell is wrong with people

  3. by ray potts 22nd Mar 2012 23:12

    he is a god he will live forever

  4. by donna 16th Apr 2012 10:19

    love u ozzy from the being and still do xxxx
    glad ur safe x

  5. by Jennie 28th Feb 2013 01:02