Emma Mills mediation and mindfulness expert says, “Some people may not realise that our mind and gut are linked. So with our busy, on-the-go lives, emotions we experience throughout the day, like stress, can affect our digestive system. Stress can trigger IBS symptoms; however mindfulness and meditation exercises can help to alleviate this.”

Some people may not realise that our mind and gut are linked.

Some people may not realise that our mind and gut are linked.

Befriend your body:

Sitting with your eyes closed, visualise yourself moving through your body. Start at the top of your head, moving your attention down and paying special attention to your middle area. Appreciate all the processes that are naturally happening in your body eg breathing fresh air, your digestion, your heartbeat. Finish with two gentle breaths in and out.

How can this help with gut issues? By paying attention to ourselves and getting to know our bodies, we might have a better ability to spot and address stress early on.

Feel grounded:

Close your eyes, take a few gentle breaths in and out. Imagine the soles of your feet growing strong roots, like a tree and settling deep down in the rich soil of the earth. As the roots grow, you start to feel secure, anchored and nourished by life. Feel yourself as part of life, supported by life in each moment.

Sound the AUM (om):

 First breathe in and on your next out breath, let out a little AUM sound. Do this three to four times a day.

Explore your perspective:

Reduce the amount of tension you feel by altering the way you think. Let’s say you miss your bus to work. You will probably feel stressed and uptight, but these feelings of discomfort are the provocation to you to learn something new, whether that’s literally researching an earlier bus time or more figuratively about how to better react to trying situations.

Look at stressful events as an opportunity for learning and positive growth, to help you become more resilient to life’s difficulties. 

Create a mindfulness toolkit:

Have items with you that you know will help you feel good and relaxed while on-the-go, such as a favourite book, essential oils or herbal teas.

Emma is working with Senocalm about how to tackle the pressures of the daily grind and help re-balance the digestive system