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Battleship Review

Ok now it's fair to say that blockbuster sci-fi movies can be a little over the...
Rihanna in Battleship

Singers Turned Successful Actors

This week Rihanna becomes one of a whole host of singers who have made the...
Peter Berg

Peter Berg Battleship Interview

Peter Berg has been behind movies such as Hancock and The Kingdom and now he is...
Brooklyn Decker in Battleship

Brooklyn Decker Discusses Battleship

Brooklyn Decker’s transition from model to actress continues this week as she...

What Will You Be Watching This April?

April is an exciting month for movies as we see the summer blockbuster season...

Summer Blockbuster Guide - Battleship

Who would have thought that a super popular board game would turn into one of...
Taylor Kitsch in John Carter

Introducing Taylor Kitsch

Taylor Kitsch is set to see his star rocket this week as he takes on the role of...
Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson's 2012

Liam Neeson is one of the biggest names in Hollywood and he has become quite and...
Peter Berg

Peter Berg Wanted Cast To Spend Time With Navy SEALs

Peter Berg reveals that he has the cast of Lone Survivor to spend as much time...
Peter Berg

Friday Night Lights Movie Not Moving Ahead

Directorproducer Peter Berg has dashed fans' hopes of a new film adaptation of...
Peter Berg

Peter Berg Says Mark Wahlberg Escaped Death On Lone Survivor Set

Pete Berg reveals that Mark Wahlberg narrowly escaped death on the set of...
Liev Schreiber

Ray Donovan Producer Sentenced to House Arrest

A producer who worked on Liev Schreiber's new U.S. TV drama RAY DONOVAN has been...
Jorge Garcia

Jorge Garcia Wants to Work With Peter Berg

Jorge Garcia wants to work with Peter Berg.
Mitt Romney

Friday Night Lights Creator Fires Off Letter to Mitt Romney Over Alleged Stolen Slogan

Friday Night Lights creator Peter Berg has taken aim at...
Eric Bana

Eric Bana Cast in Lone Survivor

Eric Bana is set to star in 'Lone Survivor'.
Taylor Kitsch

Taylor Kitsch Not Doing Green Screen Work For A While

Taylor Kitsch has hinted that he won't be doing anymore green screen movies for...
Peter Berg

Peter Berg Wants a Battleship Sequel

Peter Berg wants to make a 'Battleship' sequel, but worries it might be a flop.

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