Mark Wright has been taking elocution lessons to get rid of his Essex accent ahead of his American hosting gig.

Mark Wright

Mark Wright

The former 'The Only Way Is Essex' star recently landed his presenting job with the US show 'Extra', and in preparation for his latest venture he hired a voice coach to "neutralise" his twang to help his co-host Mario Lopez, as well as his audience, understand him.

Speaking to the former 'Saved By The Bell' hunk on the programme, the 30-year-old heartthrob said: "It's just to neutralise my accent.

"I speak quite regional, so if I was going to invite you to the pub this is how I would usually do it to my friends. I'd say 'What's happenin' bruv? You wanna go down the pub for a pint and a bit of grub?'"

The reality star made a conscious effort to slow down his speech and enunciate every word during his first two nights as a presenter on the entertainment news show.

Mark jetted off to America last week to start his new role, and although it was initially thought he'd only be away for a few months, his sister Jess Wright has admitted they still don't know how long the job will last but the Wright family are hoping to go out there to see him soon.

Speaking previously to BANG Showbiz, Mark's older sibling said: "It's very hard, he's going for a while, we don't know how long for at the minute and it's really difficult, everyone was quite tearful at the airport especially Mark and my mum.

"It was hard but he's not going off to the army, I can image that would be much more difficult for families. He's going off to the city of dreams - I'll definitely be going out."