Hugh Jackman's Daughter Brands Him 'Boring'

Hugh Jackman's daughter branded him "boring" in the middle of a stage performance. The 'Wolverine' actor was performing on New York's Broadway when 10-year-old Ava, who was in the audience with a friend, put her hand up while people were applauding, prompting him to call out to check if she was OK, only for him to likely regret inviting her on stage. He recalled on the 'Dan and Maz Show' on 2Day FM: "I'm like 'Is everything alright?' "She says 'Yeah, can we go backstage and hang in your dressing room?'. "Everyone is laughing and and I say 'Yeah sure'. "She walks straight up on stage and I said 'Everyone this is Ava'...I said '`Is everything alright, do you want something, you hungry?' "She said, 'No it's a bit boring'."

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