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50 Cent Spends $4,000 A Month On Grooming & Clothes

50 Cent spends $4,000 a month on grooming and clothes. The 'Candy Shop' rapper's bankruptcy filings show he has expenses of $108,000 a month, of which $1,000 is spent on his appearance, $3,000 on his wardrobe, $9,000 on security and $5,000 on gardening. The bulk of his costs are the $72,000 a month he pays for his 50-room mansion, including bills, mortgage, insurance and property tax. Despite a recent court testimony in a case brought against him by Lastonia Leviston - whose sex tape 50cent allegedly posted online - in which the star denied owning a multitude of luxury vehicles and living a lavish lifestyle, the filings also state he owns seven cars, including a Rolls Royce and three Chevy Suburbans.