What annoys you in the gym?

What annoys you in the gym?

Working out can help to release stress, but if you're doing it in the gym, there's a chance you're building stress up too. 

A new survey, from The Gym Group, has unveiled the most annoying habits in the gym. 

Coming in at number one was hogging the gym equipment at busy times, followed closely by both returning free weights to their stack and then leaving equipment dripping with sweat. 


Other annoyances include: poor personal hygiene, ‘grunting’ when lifting free weights, gym floor posers and talking on mobile phones.

More than 4,000 members from The Gym Group sites across the UK completed an online survey, exploring what behaviours their fellow gym users employ that make them see red.

John Treharne, CEO of the Gym Group, says: “Many people enter their own little world when they work out which sometimes means that, subconsciously, they lose all regard for the people around them.

“We hope that, through publicising the results of our survey, we will raise awareness of individual behaviours that annoy others and, as a result, encourage a change in these behaviours, creating a more pleasant experience for gym users everywhere”.

What do you find the most annoying thing about going the gym?

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