Kate's new hairstyle has split opinion - what do you think?

Kate's new hairstyle has split opinion - what do you think?

Kate Middleton has come under scrutiny this week for her new hairstyle, but we happen to like her new ‘do – it’s perfect for those warm sticky days when we want our hair out of our face.

The retro-look was a bit of a shake-up of Kate’s usual sleek blow dry, with the Duchess opting for her hair half up with some fun falling curls.

Of course, thanks to the warm weather Kate’s hair fell, so what could she have done to keep it in place?

UK Creative Director of Sexy Hair, Jen Pietrzak, says: “Hairspray can fall foul to heat and no-one’s hair is immune. But if you coat the hair in an invisible layer to repel the humidity, then you’re on to a winner for hair staying coiffed just the way you styled it in the morning. Kate should try Weather Proof by Sexy Hair which holds styles no matter what the reliable British climate brings, so come rain or shine and if temperatures cause the humidity to rise, this wonder product will keep the frizz and flatness at bay.

“Like water off a duck’s back, Weather Proof, £14.99, uses polymers to create a shield of protection that completely repels humidity and water, keeping finished updos and locks from getting droopy, limp and frizzy. Just spray over your style and on the top of any other styling products you’ve used. When you can’t have trust in the English weather, this keeps hair from having a mind of its own.”

Now we have the advice to keep in place, we have the steps in order for you to get the look.

Get the Look:

  1. Create an off balance centre parting coming diagonally back to the centre of your head, giving the look balance.
  2. Take sections in the shape of diamonds and start at the face working backwards.
  3. Take sections, comb through and wrap around a Nicky Clarke Mayfair Multistyler to about ear level. The barrel you use will depend on how big you want the curls, the smaller the barrel the tighter the curl.
  4. Keep the curling tong horizontal at all times as this will give the look more width when curling, wrap around the barrel but keep the tong moving in a circular motion.
  5. Leave the curls you have created loose in order to cool down.
  6. Really work your fingers through your hair to separate the curls, adding a little bit of product to create shine.
  7. Brush back the middle section of hair from the top of your head and pin at the back with kirby grips.
  8. Spray a bit of hairspray on the tips of your fingers and make circular motions on the top of your head to add a little volume and make it look more lived in.


Nicky Clarke Multistyler


The new multistyler from the Nicky Clarke Mayfair Collection comes with three different interchangeable barrels, making it the ultimate styling tool.

With a 10-19mm, 19-25mm and 25mm conical wands the styler has the ability to create a number of different styles quickly and easily – bringing the salon into your home.

As with all the Mayfair Collection products the ceramic and tourmaline technology work to create optimum style with minimal damage. Ceramic technology features to give your hair that gorgeous shiny finish whilst tourmaline locks in moisture to keep hair smooth.

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