Fad diets have increased in popularity in recent years but according to new research, 27 percent of Brits own up to missing out on social occasions due to following a fad diet. That's over a quarter of our population being restricted by what they eat and missing out on time with friends and family. This new research also shows that plans cancelled due to following a strict diet add up to over '50 hours a year per person', time which is lost with partners, friends and family.

Fad Diets

Fad Diets

These Fad diets are proven not to stand the test of time, usually they are for a short cycle to help you lose weight quickly and easily, but then when the old habits kick in the Fad diet is made redundant and the time spent avoiding social events is wasted. The survey found that dieters are more likely to cancel plans with friends than with family or a date, 26 percent admit to cancelling on friends due to their diet compared to only 16 percent cancelling on family members, plus only 13 percent admit cancelling on a date. It shows that UK dieters (71 percent) find these Fad diets too strict and therefore incompatible with their social lives, with 1 in 4 deciding to stay at home than break their strict diet plan.

Of the people surveyed most agreed that being on a Fad diet also effects special occasions, 15 percent say that being on a fad diet has ruined birthdays, 34 percent going on to say they had not eaten the hosts birthday cake for fear of going off the diet bandwagon.

This research conducted by Weight Watchers as given insight into how diets have a mental and social toll on lives, Julia Wesgarth, Programme Development Manager at Weight Watchers comments on these findings "It is shocking to see how big an impact unsustainable and fad diets are having on British social lives. Losing weight doesn't have to be restrictive" "Weight Watchers is working to prove that just because you're on a diet, it doesn't mean that weight loss must come at the cost of your social life. Realistic and balanced diets prove that results can be achieved while still working with your everyday routine - something that the latest fad diets often completely miss. Remember that the best diets are about balanced meals and being aware of what you're eating, not simply going on a cleanse because a celebrity is."

A diet, should be healthy, balanced and able to be continued through the weight loss journey, it should also fill you with confidence and not restrict your life. Moderation is key, cutting something out completely has been proven many times not to work as the craving only grows stronger, this leads to binge eating which is unhealthy. Don't feel guilty over a meal out with your friends, instead just make it up during the rest of the week.

Research conducted by Weight Watchers

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