Are you nervous about getting on the scales this month?

Are you nervous about getting on the scales this month?

As the nation embarks upon a health and fitness kick we expect to see ourselves lose the pounds, but new research shows that one in six dieters will GAIN weight this January. 

According to a study, it seems that many people looking to cut back on food intake and lose their Christmas weight gain find themselves struggling to such an extent that 17% of dieters find that they actually gain weight in January.

Comfort eating to fight January Blues was cited as a reason for why a quarter of the respondents gained weight in January, a further 22% said they lacked motivation to stick to a diet plant. The biggest response, however, was simply down to a ‘lack of willpower’ with 48% admitting to having just given up.

Those who lost weight were asked to state in pounds the amount of weight that they’d lost following their January diet, which revealed the average figure to be ‘6.1 pounds’ across all dieters. Those who said they had gained weight during this period in the past were also asked how much they had put on, which revealed the average to be ‘2.4 pounds.’

When successful January dieters were asked if they believed they had achieved their target weight loss in the past, only 32% of dieters said that ‘yes’ they had. 44% said that they would have ‘preferred to have lost more’, whilst 24% said that they were ‘far of’ what they would like to have lost.

Matthew Wood of vouchercloud, who conducted the research, made the following comment:

“January is by far the most common time of year for people to look at cutting down and getting in shape. When the bells are ringing out for New Year’s Day it’s easy to think that it will be a breeze to lose the spare tyre gained over Christmas. However, this often isn’t the case!

“Many of us have a clear social calendar during this period, which might make it appear easier to cut down on unnecessary calories. Yet one of the biggest causes of over eating is simple boredom and it seems that there’s plenty of that in January. It’s far too easy to help yourself to junk food out of the cupboard when having a quiet Saturday night in! Dieting can also be beneficial for your finances, however, as cutting back on luxuries and alcohol can often help you save the pennies. Your wallet may just thank you for sticking to that diet!”

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