Great books for X-mas (for professional women), recommended by Inge Woudstra, expert in working women and gender intelligence.

Inge Woudstra

Inge Woudstra

How to help your loved one if her biggest dream is to be successful at work? We have made a list of helpful, intelligent gifts to help her build the work-life she deserves.

Be Gender Smart by Inge Woudstra - Must read for every woman which truly does give the key to career success. You don't have to be like a man to succeed at work. Builds confidence and self-belief. Great new insights from neuroscience, easy to read and practical.

Lean in by Sheryl Sandberg - Chances are the woman you are buying this for has already got it! Best book for any woman aiming to move up. Superb summary of all advice for working women, with great stories from Sheryl's own life. Witty, down-to-earth and brilliant.

Unfinished Business by Anne-Marie Slaughter - Great for every woman who has doubts about work life choices. Re-assures that 'having it all' may not be as great as it is dreamt up to be. I love her vision for the future of work and care.

Corporate Cross overs by Wendy Kerr - Best book for every woman who dreams of leaving the corporate world and take control of her own destiny (and flexibility). Is it the right moment? Are you the right person? Practical tips and thoughtful advice.

Rocking your Role by Jenny Garrett - Fantastic for every woman who earns more than her partner. Totally unmissable to stay sane when going against 'the accepted norm' in society. Inspiring, motivational and practical.

Baby proof your career by Caroline Flanagan - Ideal for women planning to have a baby some day. Perfect guide on basics that need to be in place to 'have it all'. Practical, down-to-earth and simple.

Mothers work! by Jessica Chivers - Great for return-to-work mothers. Deals cleverly with all issues that every returning mother faces. I love her take on flexibility, guilt, and how to stay sane through it all. Full of checklists, stories and reflective questions.

Heels of steel by Vanessa Vallely - Vanessa's personal story of a life from one of the worst areas of London to the high risers of the City. She got to the top, but it wasn't easy. Fun, honest, easy-to-read.

Organised Mum Diary - Super gift for busy parents. Lovingly shows you understand it's not easy to make it all work. The diary helps keep track of everyone in the family.

Box set Borgen - Give your loved one some time to relax. This story of a Danish prime minister is my personal favourite as it touches on all dilemmas of working parents. The lead woman is a great role model; strong, confident, takes the (moral!) lead, but is human at the same time.

If you can't make up your mind, there's always the gift card. Personally I love a nice hard copy, but many busy women love reading eBooks on their commute. So why not go for an eGift-card? They are on offer from e.g. WHSmith, Waterstones, Amazon and Kindle.